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996 brake upgrade help please

Spridget racer

New member
24 May 2004
I have a tweaked 996 with 'standard' black brakes. These don't seem to be up to the job to me. Am I really going that much faster than my M3? I don't have soft or long pedal just the retardation seems too little when I'm having a play eg from flat in 5th down to 2nd. Does anyone have any views on:

a) suitable pads to improve bite - they must work from cold as I use it frequently. I have experience of EBC on other cars but not a 996? Pagid? Hawk?

b) suitable caliper/disc upgrades from 'standard' eg GT3/C4/TT 'red' ones? I'm told it is not a straight swap as the 4WD hubs are different. Help!

Also, is the point where the ABS cuts in adjustable?

Many thanks


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braking is also about cooling.....

which is what will make yours' last.......

no matter what calliper size you get , it will still overheat and thus reduce it's effectiveness...

forced air cooling..... similar to the techart brake cooling ducts for the 993 is what you need... not sure what there is for the 996...

assuming you have upgraded the brake fluid to dot 5.1

but I thought (?) that the 996 had 'good' brakes already ?

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