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996 4S.. not a perfect example, where to sell?


16 Oct 2018
Afternoon all,

Apologies if this sort of post isn't allowed and I should just stick a classified up... but someone on here might be after such an example/ looking for advice on where/how to sell.

This forum has been a great help, and time has come for me to depart with my 996 4s.

Since MOT/service/new backboxes last year (late nov) , she's been sat in the garage on the ctek, went out for a couple of drives in the first week after MOT and that has been it.

On 141k miles, black, manual, but...

Air con - no longer operational, diagnosed as a leaky front/rear pipe during last service
Power steering - Had issues when I took it out of storage, garage fixed for MOT but I'm not 100% convinced all is good
Paint - overall pretty good, minus peppered front bumper and smallish patch of lacquer burn thru on bonnet
Offside rad - slight weep under pressure, going to remove front PU and diagnose/replace
Rear tyres - advisory on last mot

I've come to the conclusion, best to be honest about the above and pass on to someone so that they can have any work undertaken to their satisfaction/undertake on their own and end up with a reasonably priced 4s.

Frustratingly... apart from of course the tyres/chips she was great with zero issues when put into storage at the end of 2019!

In all my years of driving, I've never actually sold a car, probably due to just not wanting to deal with chancers or everyone expecting a 19 y/o 4S to still represent a brand new one!

Price wise, 15k might be reasonable?


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There's no problem placing an advert in this way but it may do better in the 'Porsche cars for sale' sub-forum.

Here -> http://911uk.com/viewforum.php?f=15
I'll move it if you like.

It's direct links to AT, PH or ebay that are not allowed.

£15k seems a very fair asking price given the mileage and known issues.

GLWTS :thumb:
Not clear from the photos, does it have a sunroof?

I might be interested.

Many thanks for your replies,

Not to everyone's tastes, but yes this is a sunroof car.

No wanting to drip feed information, I'll get everything / All the information I have this evening onto an advert. Will take some time for me to remember/ dig the information out.

The car was previously another forum members car 'CarreraMonkey" and features in the following thread;

Just to update,

I've now taken a deposit on this

Thanks to the forum for the help :)

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