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996.2 GT3 Exhaust Bypass


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9 Jun 2010
Just found these on the company that knocked up my exhaust FB page and thought id share them with you/if there any help to someone in the future?

Time Taken; 1 1/2 Days (H&S quoted 3 Days)
Cost: £450 (H&S where a bit cheaper but would have been more expensive once travel and petrol taken into account)






So bit more work put in than the normal straight out pipes (which is what i thought i was getting) and looks like i can get a smallish silencer in there to lower the db limit.

It originally posted 108db at track testing conditions and was stupidly loud inside the cabin - need for ear defenders. However, its since quietened down as ive put the miles on. Will need to get it checked out at a track sometime soon and see if i can join the Goodwood day

Im not sure if its lost any power/performance but id need to stick it on a dyno to find out what the curve is now like. Though without a before comparison, wont give an accurate respresentation.

But the pops and crackles on the over run or when changing down gear sound immense

Also, videos taken by Long Life


BIt of an update plus future reference for people encase their considering it

Finally got round to doing a comparison vid;
Exhaust Comparison
OEM to Bypass

Ive since changed the exhaust to something similar to this;
... FFS... Ok because it's you....

You need to insert the last 11 characters of the youtube clip link in between the [ youtube ] and [ /youtube ] tags

(Remove the spaces in the tags like I have used above for illustrative reasons)

IM hoping the exhaust fabricator took his own pics with the bumper off but heres one i took from underneath

No video yet, will update when it does but the exhaust sounds more like the PSE and that i have the lost 'back pressure' back,

Sounds more tuned now rather than raw, the pops/cackles have been replaced with a pse like flutter on the over run

Anyway, headed to bedford on Saturday for a noise check
OEM - sure i posted 105db at bedford before, could have been 104
Straight - 108db
'After Hours' - 105/6db or 103db from the side where sound meters would be

These where tested at 5500 rpm. Not sure the distance away from the exhaust for the OEM/Afterhours but the Straight was taken from 1m away at 45 degrees



ive painted the bottom 'cans' black since though to hide them
Wow! :eek:

It even looked painfully loud in the first pics.

New cans defo the way forward :thumb:
Yet inside the cabin, it was quieter than Stuarts but louder outside. I do miss the loud pops and cackles though

Surprised youve not seen it being a Stevo boi :wink:

Ill badger my mate to doing sound clips but hes all loved up at the mo unfortunately.
I'm not (that's Maxie)

Besides, I don't go out the house.
Crikey, I hope you live in the country. I would not have been happy having you as a neighbour with that first modification. It was more like fireworks night every day.


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