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993tt Annual Ownership Costs

Simon W

Well-known member
21 Jun 2003
Can those people in the know (baylon / smtk esp.) give me a rough idea of annual ownership costs for the 993tt as well as the standard 993 (excluding tax, fuel and Insurance) but including servicing and any repair bills that you needed.
I’m especially interested in the lucky few of you that have a 993tt as these seem to be creeping into the upper end of my price range when I get round to purchasing again.

If you’ve owned a 993 for a few years, it would be interesting to know roughly how much it’s cost you per year to keep the car on the road.

Cheers, Simon

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Had my last 993 C4 for 10 months, spent nothing !!

Had this C2 (993) for 5 months spent nothing !! (serviced her 2 months ago @Northway costing £409)



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Yep, that's pretty much where I'm coming from.

I had mine for over a year and didn't need to spend anything on it. That's why I'm particularly interested over a 3, 4 or 5 year period. Inevitably there are costs associated with owning any car, especially a 10 year old Porsche. I'm wondering how much?

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I can’t really give you an actuate answer

I’ve only had the car a year and in that time I have spent allot of money bringing it up to my standards

Next year I'm hoping to spend no where near as much

About £80 in petrol if I use the car all week or £40 if I don’t take it to work. The MPG is 11 around town. 1st gear is very short so sitting in traffic you'll use allot.

Its coming up for it service in a few weeks which I’m going to have done at JZM I’ll let you know how I get on

But here’s a break down on what I have spent;
Tracker Monitor £382.13
New Battery £100
Charles Ivey: Battery drain £114.56
Xenon’s £250
New tailpipes £155.05
Northway’s: £214 ‘engine check light’
New Shocks £800
Northway’s: Inter cooler pipe, engine check light, shocks fitted £1240
Turbo look 2 wheels £700
JZM: RS wishbones, Boost hose, Steering damper £1356
JZM: engine check light £711

Total: £6022

Bare in mind some of that stuff was cosmetic and i could of done with out. Also it will be serviced, MOT, taxed and insured at the end of the month

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Thanks a lot for that. Very interesting. As you say, there will be years when you spend a lot, and hopefully years when you don't spend very much. I wondered whether if I bargained on around £1000 per year that would be enough.

BTW, what's the deal with the engine check light? Looks like that's cost you quite a bit to have sorted.

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I've just done £10K on my TT this year but that includes Pss9's, clutch, engine upgrade etc. All pretty essential things when you want to use it to its full potential on track. Prior to this I did 2 years / 10 track days with zero expense other than brake pads and tyres.

You MUST have a reserve of £5K if you buy any 993 :)

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I'll add that I doubt very much if a TT costs any more to run than your S. It just consumes things quicker but you won't care!

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I agree with ACE I left 8 grand over when I bought mine

With Turbos you have to remember you need to budget for all the extra items that can go wrong;
4 wheel drive
2x turbos and all the gubins they need to work (they can really added up if they go wrong)
Intercooler and its gizmos
4x O2 Sensors that are known to be temperamental
Disc and pads are the bigger version so cost more that normal 993's to replace
All the extra options that come standard on a turbo that can go wrong

Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Simon W on 11 July 2006
BTW, what's the deal with the engine check light? Looks like that's cost you quite a bit to have sorted.

The Engine check light was solid which means a emission fault has been detected. (flashing means oh sh*t you better stop)

Northway’s just kept changing O2 sensors /spark plugs/ leads rather than work out the problem. Apparently (says ray) you should keep paying them till they find the error. (error came on every trip home from them)

JZM spent the time to find the fault (it was a damaged wire in the harness) and they fixed it.

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Thanks a lot for that. I'm in that annoying position at the moment of being able to afford the car, but not in a position to afford any expensibe unexpected repair bills. I suppose that means I'm not really in a position to afford tt ownership just yet. The heart says buy it, the head says dont. (The wife says definitely dont.)

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As said, I didn't spend a bean on my car for a while. It came with new discs, pads, tyres, anally maintained by a PCGB secretary, 36K miles.... Oh and £40K but that was 3 years ago :)

Start looking and if the right one comes up buy it and put it in the garage. They're awesome performers!

Anyone coming to Bedford on the 29th?

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Hi all, very relevant discussion to me right now. I have a 1996 993 C4 that I've had for just over a year at relatively low/no unreasonable cost. However it is in JZM at the moment for a 24k service at 90k miles and after receiving a call from them I've only just recovered! To bring it totally up to date/spec immediately would be £6k. Based on a must do now, do rest next year basis its likely to be a 60:40 split of that bill. Usual suspects, new exhaust boxes, discs/pads/calipers, rocker box covers/gaskets, distributor caps/rotor arms, some HT leads etc plus all the usual (expensive oils and fluids etc.). I guess I could say that I paid near bottom market price for car originally (22k) and bought in the knowledge that I'd rather have the car 'renovated' to my specs than buy a car 'already done', especially one that is used every day as I use it, but I'd still suggest that over 5 years + of being used averagely I'm expecting to average out to @£2k repairs and maintenance per annum. This is tolerable for the 911 experience in my view PROVIDING that depreciation doesn't accelerate and these cars still maintain their 'asset' value. Cheers, Bob.

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