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993C2S for a 996?

Fran Hayes

New member
5 Nov 2003
Considering changing my 993C2S with full kit in Silver for a 996 in silver with a GT3 Kit

Anyone got any ideas for interested parties or where the best place would be.



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I am a little biased on this one, but I too would keep the C2S.

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The 993 will hold it's value alot more than the 996. Keep the 993.

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I am completely biased - keep the 993 c2s.

Better looking - aircooled - will be the classic.

I've had mine 6 weeks after looking for a while. Considered a 996 before getting it for oh about ....... 1 second.

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Go and drive a 996. Play with the 'aluminum effect' plastic buttons. Keep the 993.

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Just got a
996 C4 (man) and love it. Have to use it for business (Not just pleasure) and it suits me, even though I am not an old fogey. I am going to get shot down by the 993 gang, but hey, I will be smiling all they way home tonight on the back roads!

Looked at a couple of
996 with GT3 kits and thought they were a bit over the top, also the Insurance goes up by £600 because of.

Horses for courses. Go and drive a few and make up your own mind.

Take on board the comment about 993 holding it’s value better than 996 though.

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Anybody else want to lay praise on the C2S - we need to keep the residuals high.

Personally I think it is the best car ever made and could one day fetch GTO type prices. A bit over the top maybe?

Seriousley, I've had mine a few months and am very pleased with it. Just wish I could resist the temptation to keep, tastefully, modifing it.

Doing my first track day on Saturday - a little nervous to say the least.

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I'm also a little biased, but a silver 993 C4S with big reds on the corners, plus all the kit minus the turbo and wing, in my view is the one.

I am a year into ownership, have added factory oval exhaust tips, aluminium gear lever and hand brake, and C4S door entry sills, a CDR220 plus CDC6 multi-changer. Am now considering PSS9 coil-overs to complete the package.

As a daily driver I have got used to the plus'es and minus'es and the only wish I have would be for more power.

Regards from over the pond.


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I am also biased, but unlike TLG I am an old fogey (young at heartthough) and definitely would not change my C4S in artic silver with red full leather upholstery, sundym windows but otherwise standard, for any 996.

I have had my car a little over a year now and enjoy it very much even though I don't use it as a daily driver. In true old fogey style I also have a old 7 series BMW and thats a great car as well.

Hoping to be able to go to Cornbury House PCGB headquarters on 2nd May for a 993 gathering. Could be very interesting.


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