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9934s - can't help but love it


23 Mar 2008
Took my 9934s up to Cambridge and back today - 180 mile round trip
After 12 years of having the car it still makes me smile as I drive it and walk up to it. Never to be sold that's for sure
996 Turbo S can't match it for pure pleasure
And the GT3 I have a deposit on will fall short too
For me it has everything
There you have it !!

They are a great all round car that is for sure. I love driving mine. I was sitting in a 911 C2s today and although an impressive machine I preferred being on my 993. Also for me the 993 is fast enough. I do not think I have found a situation on the roads where I was wishing for more oomph. But I am pretty lazy and laid back these days. I do floor the car here and there though and it really takes off when I do.

I hear what your'e saying. 8)

I have been really busy lately and hadn`t had a chance to drive mine for about two months. So i woke up early on Sunday and headed out the M11 for a drive. Had a great drive for an hour or 2 on the B roads off junction 7 above Harlow.

Had a cracking drive on the B1004 from Bishops Stortford to Ware. Driving through Ware I got some great reflections from the shops and in fact parked up and got out of the car just admire the beauty that is the 993. Fortiunately it was about 6:30am so hardly anyone around as i`m sure I looked a right fool just standing there admiring these fantastic cars. :thumb:

There is a great A road just through Ware and I was able to open the taps a little and really give it some beans.

I saw a polar 993 NB heading northbound (opp directly to me) on the M11 when I was heading home about 8:30am, anyone from here?

Bieldside - If you ever want an early morning drive in that neck of the woods then sing out.
If only it had the good looks of the 964 it would be perfect :D
Great to hear you enjoying the car. After a drive in a 993 and a 997 turbo in Germany I thought the 993 was the 'better' car for the job in terms of driver, or in my case passenger, enjoyment.

MisterCorn said:
If only it had the good looks of the 964 it would be perfect :D


MC you're the man :thumb:
Zingari said:
MisterCorn said:
If only it had the good looks of the 964 it would be perfect :D


MC you're the man :thumb:

Good looks - with a conk like that :eek: :?: :floor:

It had been some months since I had the 993 out for a long drive - been using the Turbo S to blast up and down

But the Turbo is one dimensional - its fast!

The 993 has personality, character , looks, presence . Not as fast from 0-60 etc but the 993 happily blasts round the M25 with not a murmur

Once the Turbo is back from the bodyshop all sparkly with total front end resspray I might see if I can sell at a sensible price . The mature mistress wins hands down. Can you compare a car to a mistress? Just have!!

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