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993 - Which Model for £35k Budget?

Jon Pearson

New member
4 Nov 2003
I am looking to purchase a 993 early next year and have a budget of £35-£40k.

Can anyone offer some advise on which models to go for? I will be looking for a coupe as Im not a fan of targa's or Cab's. Do I go C2, C4, C2S or C4S? what else is there worth looking at that fits in my budget?

The car will NOT be locked in a garage - it will be used daily and reliability is more important than running costs.

Any guidance or advise will be most gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance,


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C4 for everyday use.

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.....your budget will get you a mint one. Although as it's a daily driver and it will get chipped etc you may want to save some money on the initial purchase by buying a slightly less perfect one to spend later on mods.

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Have you noticed how noony always submits 2 posts where one would have done? This is either down to:

  • Fingers engaging before brain, and/or
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OI! Yes its because I think of more things to say right after I hit post message...should edit really. Plus trying to get to 900 at the mo.

Oh look I have. :p

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Hi Jon,

I had a similar decision to make recently - although a bit less money to spend - my budget was £30k - and like you decided it had to be a coupe.

I also use my Porshe for everyday driving

Based on what information I could lay my hands on, I ruled out either of the 'S' models (more 'show' than 'go' - wider track, more drag & harsher ride not compensated for by turbo oomph).

I opted for the 2 over the 4 because unless you are planning to drive like a maniac, the 2 has heaps of traction for road driving, weighs slightly less (meaning better performance all else being equal), has slightly better fuel consumption, can cost less to service (depending on who you get to do your servicing), and because there's less going on at the front wheels, has a 'purer' feel through the steering wheel.

Good luck in your search!

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I went through the same decision process a few months ago. I eventually opted for a C2S as:

- the two wheel drive cars seem more fun to drive than the 4 wheel variety [the latter seem to have too much grip in the dry but do offer greater safety in slippery conditions]; and

- the wide body cars look absolutely fantastic - which was more important to me than the last 5% of performance [as I'm not a good enough a driver for it to matter]

Also, the C2S and C4S were produced in lower numbers and should [theoretically] depreciate less than their narrow-body brethren when the sad day comes to sell.

The last point is that you're unlikely to find that perfect car that meets all your requirements [I wanted a blue one but only found a silver one] - so keep an open mind and buy the best car you can find.

The search is almost as much fun as driving them daily, so enjoy!

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I agree with what Luke says, being a former C4 owner, now a C2 owner, I did want a C2S, however most are tiptronic so settled for a C2.

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...depends what your priorities are...all the above points are valid, though some of them arent accurate. It goes back to the C2(s) V C4(s) debate that will rage forever and a day.

Decide whats important for you, make your choice and get the best example you can find, at the end of the day they are all Porsches and any model, if bought correctly, will give you alot of satisfaction.

good luck

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Agree with Luke about the C2.

Although Abdul seems to have a point about not being a good enough driver for it to matter and I'm sure that's at least as true for me as it is for him, when I mash my foot into the carpet in a bid to get past, I want every ounce of forward momentum I can get. I'd argue you don't have to be a fab driver to want and be able to use max performance...

And anyway go on a handling day, and you will be able to make better use of the oomph, since it won't scare you (nearly as much! Though my TVR scared me more.).

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