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993 Wheel wobble


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1 Sep 2003
I've noticed in my 993 a very gently wobble through the steering wheel on some occasions. It is intermittent, and it is thus difficult to say categorically its the car, but I'm pretty sure it is.

Most noticeable at 50mph, smooths out at 70-85 and then is discernable at higher speeds.

I've had all four wheels balanced. One of the front wheels needed loads of weights, but I watched him do it and his hi-tech balancing machine gadget indicated that they were all absolutely spot-on when he'd finished.

Anything else I should look at?



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have the same issue.... it is a wheel balance problem...

targa wheels are difficult to balance properly... esp on those balance machines..

prob' needs to be done with the wheels still on !

hoping a Porsche specialist can solve this....

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only got rid of vibration after third go at balancing wheels when car was having two new rears fitted at micheldever tyres - previous two times OPC had balanced wheels but no difference. Targa wheels are very sensistive to weight differences - the locking wheel nut should always be opposite the valve!

Also, it would be worth checking front tyres for any flat spots or uneven wear. When I originally bought my car there was a 'humming' coming from the front when around 50mph, this was caused by the centre tread of the tyres being rippled when looked at in profile. Two new fronts got rid of it.

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Just had all four balanced at Mitcheldever Tyres. I had the rears done because I could feel a seperate vibration through the seat at high speeds.
Micheldever have a new very sensitive balance machine and the operator said he had balanced them on the most sensitive setting. There is definately a difference - all I need now is a road as smooth as the ones in France to see if its totally fixed!

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Sounds like this must be the same thing. I'll have it done again, and check the locking nuts too...

There is a place (Chemex) just down the road from Porscheshop in Halesowen that use to do on-the-car balancing.

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