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993 v 964

Nick jones

15 Dec 2006
If I were able to push the upper limits of my budget (up to 18/19k say) would I be better off in a 993? Can I feasibly get a 993 for that money?

I am in particular thinking or mechanics and perhaps being able to move away from my current concerns re oil leaks, clutches top ends and bottom ends etc with a 964...can you tell I'm mechanically minded?

Thanks guys,


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I sold a red 993 1994 with 130k miles,

two years ago for £17k, it was a lovely car with everything straight on it,

so the awnser is yes, depending on colour, age and spec, with guards being the least desireable and thus the cheapest,

i loved the colour personally.

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Yes you could, and it would IMHO be a better car in design/performance than the 964, however it would be LHD and it wouldnt be in such good condition as an equally priced 964.

LHD btw is NO problem. Ive had mine 2 years and have no issues for day to day driving, on M ways A-B roads and in town.

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You can get a pretty decent 993 for £20k, friend just sold a RHD 993, grey with light grey leather, @ 80k miles, stock, for £20200.

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£20k and you can have mine...

Black Met - Grey Leather - Hardback seats - Classic II Alloys - F/S/H - low miles - 1995/M - RSR's - Factory lowered Chassis.

PM me if you require any further info.

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