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993 Tyres


New member
5 Feb 2004

I need to replace all four tyres on 1995 993 Carrera 2. I have had a quote for Pirelli P Zero Rossos for £485 balanced and fitted inc VAT. I am happy with quote but need to understand the tyres. It seems that there are all sorts of P zero rossos, the fitters said that they are "asymetrical" , but looking on the net it seems that I could put "directionale" on the front and "asymetrical"on the back. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or should I be looking at some other tyres?

Thanks for your help


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Hi Percy & welcome,

I have directionale on front/asymetrical on back. The theory is the directionales are better in the wet and so clear a path for the asym's, which have better dry grip.

Seems to work very well. Conti's are also popular.

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That seems like an excellent price, I am about to replace my rears with Conti's at £366 for the pair inc fitting and vat.

Where are you going for them and are you 17 or 18 inch. (tyres I mean)

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I'm due to replace mine too, and that's a pretty good price. I had P-zero last time and will be going back to them again. At the moment I have Bridgestone SO2, they last longer(12000miles and still good) than p-zero(lasted @8000miles) but don't grip so well. I won't need my car for long distance commuting soon so I can enjoy the grip of the p-zero!

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Pirrelli Rosso from their website

  • Precise wet and dry handling
    [list:1m6wbPFjZn]Unparalled comfort in its class
    [list:1m6wbPFjZn]High resistance to aquaplaning
    [list:1m6wbPFjZn]Exceptional cornering power and even wear characteristics
    [list:1m6wbPFjZn]The ideal choice for car manufacturers, tuners and conversions
    [list:1m6wbPFjZn]The P Zero Rosso System Concept - P Zero Rosso A Round, or - P Zero Rosso Direzionale Front, P Zero Rosso Rear.

  • [list:1m6wbPFjZn]
    Tyre description
    The evolution in the sports car segment has led to sophisticated electronic vehicle safety and comfort management systems being fitted as standard. In harmony with this and increasingly stringent legislation limiting acoustic pollution, Pirelli has created the P Zero Rosso: comfortable, quiet, ultra-high performance with no trade off. The name derives from the now legendary "P Zero", which became a milestone, marking a fundamental turning point in Pirelli ultra-high performance tyre technology, and "rosso", or red, which is synonymous with italian motorsport. Optimum balance between extreme performance, comfort and low noise is due to innovations in the structure, specialised compounds and, above all, torsional balance of components through the development of a tyre profile with maximum synergy between belt and spiralled nylon. The tread pattern ensures high resistance to aquaplaning, exceptional wet and dry grip, driving precision under acceleration, quietness and comfort. Low rolling resistance is achieved by utilising a combination of lighter, stronger materials and a high silica content tread compound. Tread Pattern Asymmetric design with wide longitudinal channels. The tread pattern is divided laterally into three distinct elements, each designed to confer a particular aspect of performance. These elements range from robust outer shoulder blocks through a semi-slick central rib with curved transversal grooves, to a more open inner shoulder.

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i have not heard good things about the p-zero's. JZ recommend the Michelin sp2's!

my tyres also need changing v.v.v.v.soon

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Thanks for all your help and replies. I have decided to go for the P Zeros with the directionals on the front and Asymetricals on the back. I will see how it goes, I have heard good things about the Contis and Michelins but they are also more expensive!

For those that are interested the quotes for 2x 205x50x17 and 2x 255x40x17 came from:

Miceldever Tyres 01962 774437 - £484

Hammond Tyres, Halesworth, Suffolk - 01986 834734 - £492

Both quotes were including fitting, balancing and VAT. I know that the two suppliers are in different parts of the country but that is not an issue to me as I travel to both areas regularly.

Thanks again for your help and views


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The new Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s should be the mutt's proverbials...

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Quick update.

Had Pirelli P Zero Rossos fitted, seems to have improved the handling but this might just be because a: they are new and b: I had a mixed set on the car (Michelins on the front and Dunlops on the back - they were on the car when I bought it). Will let you know how I get on with them.

Got them from my local dealer in the £479 fitted, balanced inv VAT, Continentals were £6 more and Bridgestones were £509.


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I need new tyres for my new 17in. wheels and, as always, the cheapest price came from Chessington Tyres in Bracknell. The price for Pirelli PZero Rosso was:205/50ZR17 = £114 each255/40ZR17 = £116 each.Total: £430.

Excellent price imho and I've used them before -- they're careful...

Contact details:Bracknell Tyre & BatteryUnit 1 Longshot Lane Indust EstBracknellBerkshire01344 411323

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Thats an excellent price - does it include balancing, fitting and VAT?


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Bracknell's near me come and visit Manek :wink:

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Percy1 on 16 March 2004

Thats an excellent price - does it include balancing, fitting and VAT?

It's an all-in, inc. VAT, valves & balancing price, as far as I'm aware.

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Also from same site - and noticed on ebay as original equipment porsche tyres

Yokohoma AVS1 N1

225/40/18 @ £103.99 and 265/35/18 @ £115.74 inc vat - del is £17 for four

are these actually oem porsche tyres?

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