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993 Tyre Advice

Alex H

New member
26 Feb 2003
My 993 has got a set of Pirelli PZero Assimetrico tyres on the rear that have run out of tread, not sure how that happened. :wink:

The front PZero Directional tyres are only about 25% worn and I have been told that you can no longer get the PZero Assimetrico, as the have been superseded by the PZero Rosso, which only comes with an 'N3' rating. So the problem is that the fronts are older style 'N2' Directional and the rears would be 'N3' Rosso.

Anyone got an opinion on whether this would be okay?? The tyres would obviously be the same across each axle, and I don't really want to have to get rid of perfectly good front tyres. Alternatively anyone know where I might be able to get hold of an old pair of the 'N2' Assimetricos?

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you tried any of the internet based tyre places......mytyres,blackcircles etc???

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Roddy, I've tried them all, suprisingly the best deal on Pirelli's at the moment is at Kwik Fit of all places as they are doing 15% off two tyres or 25% off four.

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might be worth you just trying the rears to see if it does make a noticable difference in day-to-day driving conditions............its not like you're mixing radials with crossply's and have an austin 1100(god i'm showing me age).........

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I had almost exactly the same problem on my car, except that my (perfectly good) front tyres were PZero Assimetrico
No chance of getting any matching rears for those! (and yes, I too tried everywhere).

After a number of enquiries, I was told absolutely, categorically, 100% by both Porsche and Pirelli - DO NOT MIX N NUMBERS ON YOUR TYRES!!!. Yes even on different axles...

So I had to bite the bullet and get P Zero Rosso N3 all round. And to be honest i'm glad I did because they are superb :)

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ahhh well there you have it............Evil jack has sought out proper advice..........so if Porsche and Pirelli both agree not to mix.............although Pirelli obviously have a vested interest :twisted:
...............i'd bite the bullet

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Evil Jack on 09 September 2005

After a number of enquiries, I was told absolutely, categorically, 100% by both Porsche and Pirelli - DO NOT MIX N NUMBERS ON YOUR TYRES!!!. Yes even on different axles...
it is better to have the same tyre all round, but in reality that is not always the case... although I suspect that this is the manufacturers counting the revenue when they make such announcements...

based on experince IMHO you have to have at least the same tyre type and N numbers on each axle, but as long as the other axle is on a like for like basis then you will be fine... i.e. michelin all around but may be n1's on the front and n2's on the back, a mix of the same brand is fine...

if you can afford to change all your tyres if one goes pop then fine, but in this case a new N rating has caused your old tyre to be no longer available, I was running different Continential Sport tyres on the fronts to the rears and one of those tyres wasn't even N rated.... 12,000 miles & 6 track days + a 150 mph blast across a deresticted Germany autobahn later, I never had an problems.....

When it came time to change, I'm now on 4 match Michelin Pilot Sport N2's but if the N2's were ever replaced by N3's, to replace an axle at a time to me would not be an issue...

your choice in the end, but remember there is always a choice....


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Not only that: Two tyre fitters i tried actually refused to fit N3 rear tyres to my car (that I had bought elsewhere), because I had N1 on the front.

I think it really is a safety issue....

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If you are looking for tyres then try
I bought my audi tyres from them and they were loads cheaper. Then popped round the corner and had them fitted by a friend of mine at Kwikfit for a few quid. Think i saved about £75/tyre.

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I had exactly the same problem,worn rears pleanty of tread on the front all tyres assimetrico P zero.

After a lot of discussion and thought I finally fitted new rears, Pirelli Assimetrico P zero N3's and for time being have left fronts as N2'S. Only change I have noticed and this is only a perhaps, that the car seems to have slightly less straight line stability than before, but is fine when fronts are loaded i.e. turning into a corner.

While the tyre N numbers are different the stability may also be due to a number of other possibilities, tracking corner weighing etc, road surface. Although fronts are absolutely even wear across the whole tread and so I think there is lno real problem in that area.

In my honest opinion I think there is a lot of talk about N numbers but the main point is missed. Tyre companies are constantly developing new tyre compounds and Porsche test these new tyres and when approved for their CURRENT models, they are given Porsche approval. I am sure that Porsche are not testing current development tyres on a 993, so how can we say that any particulr N number is suitable fro ours cars. We can only say that the tyre has been approved by Porsche as suitable for their vehicles.

Yes, common sense says use same make of tyre all round and at least keep same N number on each axle, but frankly I am not convinced that N3's on the back and N2's on the front, will cause any problem.

Does anyone know factually what is the difference between N1,N2,N3 and N4? I think they are just sequence numbers which will keep revolving.

Finally try Elite Tyres Rainham Essex. Very good and good prices.


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Higher N numbers just means than the tyre maker has brought out a new revision of the existing tyre. N4 isn't any better than N1 when comparing different tyre designs. N0,N1,N2, N3, N4 etc are not all different standards - they are all tested to exactly the same standard - the numbers after the N just indicate how many times the tyre maker has changed some aspect of an existing tyre design. So seeing as your going for a different tread pattern front and rear anyway, it makes no differance what the N numbers on the front and rears are. If you were going for the same thread pattern all round, then there is something in having the same N numbers.

By the way Porsche always reccomend the same tyres all around so I can understand why they say use the same N numbers.

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If you can them, I would change allround for Dunlop SSR's. Now hard to get but reportedly a very good track tire with excellent street features.

Had the same prob in the spring and had to get Pirellis... my last ones BTW.

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