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993 turbo exhaust


New member
28 Jun 2013
can any one recomend a upgrade exhaust for my 993 turbo looking for a better sound...
jmr461 said:
can any one recomend a upgrade exhaust for my 993 turbo looking for a better sound...

I have a mate (not on forum) who also would be interested in this information so I to am curious.

Mods... maybe move to 993 section :?:
Depending on location, dropping by Powerspeed in Ashford for a chat would be a good move. They've done a load of cat conversions for guys on here, and rewelded my split muffler. Good eggs, work on some serious machinery, don't charge the earth.
Late reply, but I've had muffler bypass pipes from fabspeed on my car for around 4 years now, they are a cheap mod giving great sound, plus by loosing the silencers you also drop some weight.

here is my car below


1st post on here, hi everyone.
Hi ,

As mentioned we have worked on a number of Porsche's. We have done 200 cell cat replacements as well as the popular Gundho Hack ( Bypass Mod ).
It's hard to get a better sound out of a 993 turbo - the turbos act as rotary silencers for both the intake and the exhaust helping to blend individual noise pulses into just "noise". So it's easy to get more noise but difficult to get a nice sound. Much easier on a normally aspirated car!

I was recently in a 993 turbo with factory cats and silencers and rather enjoyed it - some of the mechanical noise from the engine came into the cabin.
I've got fister mufflers on my C2 - very much easier to achieve sound improvements than a TT.

Fister does a pretty good version for the turbo...

I have a Tubi exhaust (put on by a previous owner) on mine. Nice noise, not too boomy in the cabin, which is a problem on a long journey!


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