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993 Turbo Clutch Life?


14 May 2003
Hi All,

My (recently acquired) car is in getting a few things fixed that the OPC found when they did the used car check, including replacing the 'Main Oil Seal'. A big job apparently, with the engine and gearbox out. While they were in there, they checked the clutch, and said that while it's not quite worn out, it won't be long, and suggested I get it changed while they had the engine out.

I said to go ahead, since the previous owner is paying for the oil seal and labour, all I need to pay for is parts, but the car has only done 22,500 miles. How long would you normally expect the clutch to last on a 993 Turbo? I suspect the car has done a fair bit of around town driving, so I guess that's a bit harder on it, but I expected it to last a bit longer.


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22,500 miles is definitely early for the clutch to need replacing. Either the clutch has been abused by the PO, the clutch is faulty, the mileage is inaccurate or the OPC is replacing it unnecessarily. If you get it replaced I would want to have the old one back (to mitigate the last option). Does the rest of the car and its history support the mileage claim?


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There is certainly no sign that the car has done more miles than it says. I'll try and get a look at the old one when I pick the car up.

I know the car was well looked after, and never used on track by it's previous owner. Everything else on it is in very good condition.


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Is that the Glenvarigil garage in their swanky new plaza (nr. Edinburgh).

They reckoned my clutch might need replacing as it had slipped on a couple of (full throttle) occassions when I had just bought it. Since then it seems to have adjusted itself and I have put it down to the car lying a while when up for sale and just required some driving to sort it.

By the way, how is their new gaff. as I am contemplating using Glasgow since the new location is so far away now.

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Hi colin, 23000 miles is low but not that low i have seen cars having clutch's replaced at 11000 mile on the first service. ?

hope all is well

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Sounds early to me, but then it hasn't been used much. Could be all the sitting around.

Apparantly (according to Brian Miller) the new Glenvaragill site is in a particularly nasty part of Edinburgh and you really would not want to leave your 911 lying around.

It seems they sold out to property developers on the old site! obviously not making enough money selling Porkers and replacing clutches. :wink:

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I saw the new showroom when I dropped the car off. It's nice, with a separate showroom for each of the three franchises - Porsche, Ferrari, and Maserati. There is also a spare showroom that isn't finished yet, but I'm not sure what they'll put in there.

It's out at Newcraighall, basically a big retail park, and it has got a lot better over the last couple of years with a load of new shops. They certainly had plenty Porsche's and Ferrari's sitting outside, so they don't seem worried about the area.

Their previous showroom was about 5 minutes from my house, the new one is 10 minutes from work, so I don't mind the location, but it's not well served by public transport if you don't get a courtesy car out them, and can't get a lift. I guess you could go and sit in the big Borders bookshop nearby, and get yourself a Starbucks while reading books and car mags :)

As for selling out to property developers, going by the prices of property in Edinburgh I'm really not surprised.


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