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993 suspension, rideheight discussion,


2 Apr 2006
I know this is a well trodden path. and yes i've done vigorous research on this site and other sites, chatted to geert / read p-car / pistonheads... But I'd appreciate your views on the following:

std shocks on the 993 c2s are knackered, and my Mini Cooper S felt more stable at 70mph +. My driving is usually just aroudn london, and on motorways, so i'm looking for high speed stability, and any increase in handling would be a bonus. it should not be an uncomfortable ride, and should be easy to live with for long journeys to the continent.

So i'm leaning towards the H&R + bilstein HDs which are around 800 gbp, including delivery and vat.

The trouble is:

1. JZM however advised against this strongly. Spring and shock rates were not matched they said. Steve M pushed the Manthey kit which is much more and looks like the KW kit.

2. for not much more (995 incl vat) , i could get the H&R coilovers. a well known supplier in belgium says don't do it as

(a) overkill

(b) old technology from mid 90s , compared to pss9s which have been race proven.

3. for a little more again, the pss9s look tempting, but will this be too hard and overkill for just a road set up?

4. the mo30 with bilsteins, and the sway bars.

again a bit more, but is it overkill, and are the sway bars really necessary if i won't track it very often?

Finally, regarding ride height, i thoguht i'd pick 30 mm as that is the mo30 height. However, in london there are speed humps galore. Anyone with bad experience at 30mm?

thanks again in advance, and appreciate your views.



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If you're not bothered about track handling, and mainly do motorway and town journey, wanting relatively comfy ride, then just replace the shocks with either OEM shocks (which will be good for another 40-50 k miles) or use Bilstein and standard shocks. PSS9 will be far too hard a ride for your type of journey. Manthey would be a bit of an overkill I would've thought.

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Hi st, we've discussed this before :wink:
, but I sympathise with your sitaution because I went through exactly the same issues when trying to decide what to do with my own C2S, whoever you ask has their own view, and often it contradicts the last person you asked!

As ever I will reiterate, the ride/handling compromise (and it most definitely is a compromise) will vary from person to person, my 2p's worth is just that - my views on it.

My car felt as yours does now - wallowy and uncontrolled. In the end I decided to replace only the dampers with Bilstein HDs and retain the original M033 springs (standard fit on the C2S) - I am completely satisfied with the result. I wanted to retain the ride comfort as my car is road car, but I wanted it to drive and handle like a new 993 C2S - I feel I have this now. The car feels alot more secure, body control is superb - no pitching or dive as before.

However if I really drive the car hard (and I mean hard! :wink: ) then the M033 springs show up their limitations. The M033 springs lower the car to the same height as M030, but are linear comfort biased springs - hence the good ride. So if you want sharper handling and are prepared to sacfrice some ride comfort, look to replace the springs too.

From what I've heard, the next step up with springs are the H&Rs - firmer than the M033, but more forgiving than M030. Not for the first time I disagree with JZM judgement on the H&R/HD set up. I agree with the H&R coilover comments - unneccesary. PSS9 - overkill - much more track focussed.

I reckon your best option would be Bilstein HDs, but then choose your springs based on what you're happy to accept:

M033 > H&Rs > M030 (soft > firm)

Anti-roll bars - entirely your choice, but I must say I'm tempted by them to cut out the extra roll.

Ride height wise - assumming your car is running M033, it'll be at the same height as a M030 car. With the Bilstein HDs you can lower the car a further 10mm from that, but no lower with standard roll bars. I've dropped mine the extra 10mm and it's quite noticeable when parked next to a standard C2S. No problems with this height - but a front protection bar (from Gert) is a must to protect the underside of the front PU.

You're more than welcome to go out in mine if you want to try before you buy :)


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thanks asim, Met up with chris w last night at ace cafe. good to meet other c2s afficionados.

I'll probably be going down the well trodden path of the H&R and HDs and heading to gert for installation. After hearing some exhaust notes last night, will probably get the RSRs as well since i'm there.

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Sounds like a plan mate.

Your car will be transformed with the new suspension and the RSRs will blow you away with their glorious tone! The only other must do mod left will be Xenon conversion so you can see where you're going!

You'll be driving it all the time after that :wink:

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Anyone had any experience with the KW variant 3s? just heard back from RPM near machtech. didn't realise they were 38 GBP + VAT per hour. Any experience of RPM anyone?

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The Billy HDs + H&Rs are/used to be a good setup... but it is possible that the new KWs (Manthey KWs are revalved KW Var 3s bespoke for Porsche) are even better.

I have no idea how much more they cost over BillyHDs+H&Rs, but anything Manthey commit R&D to is probably fairly well sorted.

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I've got a quote for £1400 from RPM. £38 +vat for installation, and £220 for alignment from jzm.

Unsure if they are the mantheyed version though. Put in a call to jzm who will call me back with a price for the mantheyed kws.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by st on 29 March 2007
I've got a quote for £1400 from RPM. £38 +vat for installation, and £220 for alignment from jzm.
Unsure if they are the mantheyed version though. Put in a call to jzm who will call me back with a price for the mantheyed kws.

JZM are the sole Manthey distributors in the UK so it's unlikely that RPM will have the Manthey versions.

JZM used to recommend the BillyHD+H&R setup as they also recommended them to me 2 years ago when I thought about replacing my 993 suspension. At the time the cost was circa £1400 too. Perhaps the game has moved on since then.

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st if you decide to supply whatever you choose component wise yourself and then are looking for someone to fit it and do alignment I'd recommend Tognola in Datchet. They have the same alignment equipment at OPCs and charge a very reasonable £160.

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