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993 Squeaks and creaks

Maxy M

24 May 2004
About my only concern regarding my newly acquired 993 (2 weeks now!) is that the interior squeaks and creaks a bit. Nothing too bad: I did drive one that rattled like hell.

No rattles. Not the windscreen. Shell feels as solid as a rock. But on bumpy roads at speeds up to 40 or so I can hear the noises. Sometimes I notice them more than others - though not when pressing on and I can hear that gorgeous engine/exhaust sound...

So are the squeaks and creaks par for the course? Can they be cured?

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Havn't noticed anything squeaky in mine which is a blessing considering it's a targa as well. Is there a difference when the spoiler is up/down? I knew of one once where the spoiler squeaked when it was in it's relaxed position.

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It's not the spoiler; definitely interior.

It's not a huge issue, but if I could achieve something close to perfection (like my currently v solid Audi A4), that would be great. When I test-drove it it seemed much 'quieter'!

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mine squeaks and creaks, I tightened all the interior screws and nuts when I first got the car and this helped. But with my rs mounts and hr susp its bound to creak.

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Mine runs on 18" wheels and on really bad B roads sounds like everything is moving. On anything else squeaks and creaks are minor. There is a bit of screen squeak from time to time but that seems to be weather influenced.


97 arctic silver c2

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I find the passenger seat belt rattles (when there's no passenger) and it's hard to find the right position where it doesn't rattle. When I do, it returns to its "rattle position" after a while.

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My windscreen creaks depending on the temp. There is also a plastic tray under the passenger seat that rattles (car is LHD), but considering that the car runs on 18's and has RUF suspension, its not too bad.

Also if there is a tape in the stereo and its not playing it rattles, that drove me crazy until i realised what it was !!

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A few minor squeeks from top of dash for first 100yrds or so.

Don't seem to notice it after that - probably because the engine over whelms any squeeks from then on. Driving to the red line helps this.

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Some minor noises seem pretty much the norm then. I will try to reduce/eliminate over time but it's nothing that's needling me.

In another car they'd drive me crazy. In the 993 I can easily forgive! And as Jonathan says, drive the right way and... What squeaks and creaks??

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