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993 sport airbox


New member
13 Jul 2004
Hi, anybody have the chrome/plastic airbox? does it make a good sound....? what's the overall feeling?

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Best thing to do is to remove your existing airbox and drill about 15 half inch holes yourself, has the same result as the replacement part for free!

Makes a throaty sound, but if that's what you're after the best thing to do is get the RSR mufflers from Carnewal, there are plenty of threads on the site about them.

I've drilled the airbox and fitted the RSR's to my 993 and it sound looooverly!!

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Calling Hendo .................................

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It's not chrome either - its shiny silver plastic!

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sorry for tardy behaviour chaps but I've been teaching for a few days. I speak from experience having whipped the very said item on at the weekend. Toby is correct in that the 'chrome' bits are indeed chromed plastic which is a bit of a let down. Indeed many at the curry last week mentioned that either "Mr Topping was robbing me blind" or "for the price of the box, you could buy a very expensive drill set, drill the holes yourself, and still have the equipment for future DIY projects". Well I didnt want to 'butcher the original box' so I paid the dosh and spent the weekend with a huge grin. The difference is noticeable exactly where you want it to be i.e. at 4000 and above. The cabrio roof down really gives a good sound. Completely different from the regular box and some lovely burbly growly bits thrown in too. Pootling at 2-3000 gives no difference so nothing intrusive. When you want a bit of wailing soundtrack its there.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Sundeep on 15 July 2004

is this for real !

Father Christmas? no I'm afraid not

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Drilling your airbox (ooerr) sounds like using up far too much energy and time, Hendo I'm with you on this (not physically of course)

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Anybody got any experience on whether drilling has a knock on effect for the ECU mapping?

In other words could I do this without having to remap my already remapped ECU.

Hope that makes some sense.

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Drilling doesn't affect performance at all and there is no need to remap the ECU or anything like that. It just makes it sound fruitier!

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Chances are that it will not affect your remapped ECU, unless you then proceed to fit a K&N filter and the RSR mufflers as well.

As soon as the insurers pay out on my 993 which was classed as a total loss after an Audi TT hit me, I will be drilling out the airbox, fitting the RSR mufflers and getting the ECU remapped, again!


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