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993 speaker upgrade?

John Ward

New member
27 Jun 2003
I have a '95 993, and I'm not too happy with the quality of sound from my (presumably) standard speakers coupled to Blaupunkt RCD43. Basically, it's a bit too 'tinny' and lacks any decent bass - not very ballsy in fact!

Can anyone recommend a decent speaker upgrade or whatever please?



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Welcome. Standard speakers are OK, but as you say, not great. Lots of choices as they are standard sizes. You could have lots of options in terms of sounds, so if you want to replace all, just go for what fits your budget and sounds the best to your ears. If you want specific recommendations, I have Boston Acoustics with splits in the front (wonderful set of speakers) and will have to check the rears as wanted something that would fit under existing grills but sound good - they do indeed. I also have an amp mounted in the front wheel well (993) driving the fronts and a CD changer mounted above it. Now have a great system which will only change when I get a new amp to power both front and rears...

Blimey, there's a start for a Wed morning! Andy

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Thank you both for the tips - I have already started to look into it and I'm sure I'll get there in the end (not that I'm desperate to drown out that lovely air-cooled engine's exhaust note pouring out of a pair of sports pipes you understand!).

There can't be too many Andy Philpotts around and, coincidentally, I used to know one...not from the Sarf Lund'n area are you Andy?

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'Fraid not, but been there plenty of times. Prefer North London with the mighty White Hart Lane...

Good luck.

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