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993 Rubber + Clutch


21 Jun 2003
I've come to an agreement to buy a 993 2S in Scotland subject to PPI which is being done tomorrow morning (Tuesday 2 Mar). If I'm happy with the report I would like to collect it Thurday or Friday which means flying to Scotland (again) and driving back to S.E.Essex. The car needs rear tyres before the journey down (they are nearly bald) and the seller is going to fit them. Presently it's wearing ContiSports N1 and this is where my question comes in.... N1 are not available anymore only N2. The fronts N1's are good. I have had mixed views on have N2 on the rear and N1 on the front. I tried to get the seller to put a complete set of new N2's on but it was a no go.

So what to do ?

The seller is going to put on new rears so that will be ok to get me home.

Should I seriously consider putting N2's on the front when I get home so I have a complete set ?

Is it really that much of a problem ....? I'm not planning to track day the car for a while by which time I should have matched the 4 tyres anyway.

Your thoughts please including anything related to tyre manufactures pros and cons...


I am not too confident about the clutch on this car and I have asked OPC when they inspect to pay special attention and give me their best opinion. I have read the buyers guide on this subject and it does bite very quickly between 2nd and 3rd.

Secondly the car has 53000 miles on the clock and the average life of these clutches, I am advised is 60000mls give or take 10/15000 miles depending on how they are driven.

So if OPC come back with bad news I am told the cost to replace (with them) could easily amount to £1700. I am based in Essex near Brentwood does anyone know an independant specialist they would recommend and any ball park figures for a independant to perform the work. (THAT IS IF A PROBLEM IS FOUND AND IF I CAN REFLECT THIS IN THE PRICE)

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forget the standard clutch, get an RS and lightweight flywheel :twisted:

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stand at the top of that slippery modification slope!!

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I will be city and road driving 50/50 not so much track. Isn't the RS clutch and lightweight fly going to make things a little more diffiult ?? Anyway what sort of additonal cost are we talking about ?

Waiting for Porsche Edinburgh to finish the PPI, call me and send me the report (should be in a few hours). If all ok hope to collect Thurday or Friday.

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Just had my clutch replaced by Autobahn / PCT in Coventry. Very happy with it. My Carrera S has 49k and the clutch was right down to the metal. They thought I had another 2k at the very most out of it.

Cost to me was £399 for clutch kit, £3.33 for needle bearing and £1.10 for clutch bolts exc VAT and labour. Fair price and very good service.

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Thanks, I'll update later with news on the inspection findings.

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I had a similar issue with my P Zero Assimetrico's in that I had worn down the rear N2's - in 5000 miles bythe way - and with N3 only being available was faced with the challenge of replacing all four. I live in USA and tried many sources to no avail.

Checked with Porsche, who gave me the matching N story. Then checked with a friend who worked for Porsche, who contacted their technical people for a pragmatic call. Answer was, if the tread pattern is similar, and there is not a radical re-design between N's, then you may wantto give it a go.

Also, my rears on a 1997 C4S will probably were out 3 times a fast as front's, so I probably will be down this path again, and will use the "savings" on mods.

I cannot tell any difference on everyday driving with N2 front and N3 rear.

However, since I have had this experience, I have been looking at the tyres mounted on Porsche's I come across, and am amazed how many owners have mis-matched manufacturers on front and rear!

Hope this helps.

Nick :wink:

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From this month's Porsche Post's Boxster Register (I have a boring train ride home...):

From Continental Tyres;
"thank you for your inquiry regarding N ratings on the tyres for your Porsche. Production tyres that have passed all of the tests and received the engineering department's release can be branded with an N-specification. The N-specification brandings include: N-0 (N-zero), N-1, N-2, N-3 or N-4. These markings on a tyre's sidewall clearly identify then as approved by Porsche for their vehicles. The N-0 marking is assigned to the first approved version of the tyre design. As that design is refined externally or internally, the later significant evolutions will result in a new generation of the tyre to be branded with N-1,N-2,N-3, etc., in succession. When a completely new tyre design is approved, it receives the N-0 branding and the succession begins again.

As long as you have the same N ratings on the same axle then there is no cause for concern".

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This was brought up in Porsche 911 world mag a coupe of months ago and they explained the problems with having both types on different axles. From what I remember it was not a good idea to run with both types though I imagine a straight motorway is not going to kill you. (famous last words)

Drop into Plume tyres just off Junction 5 of the M42 in Shirley Solihull they always have Porsche tyres in stock at a pretty good price. You will be passing this juntion anyway!

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I bought a 95'993 with 53k on the clock and had to put a new clutch in it within 3K miles. OPC price was £1300.

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Yep I realise with 52-53k on the clock its a bit of punt with the clutch..... Although OPC say they don't think its at its end I am going to run it past the JZ guys anyway. It will need a service and some brake discs in 3-4 months so hoping at the very least I can get to then. - Will see !!!

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