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993 Rear lights removal?

Phil Penfound

New member
6 Apr 2005

I need to clean out some mild gunge that has collected in one of my reverse lights. I assume that to do this I have to remove the whole outer cover. If so, I do I go about it?

I have tried removing the screws located across the top of the fitting but it doesn't move. I didn't want to force anything until I found out more.

Thanks for any help...Phil

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hmm i think its glued - is it just rust in the corner? can you get a cotton bud in?

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Yes, just a small layer of rust running half way along the bottom of one light. Can't access it with cotton bud as the light seems sealed and fully integrated within the whole central section that runs below the length of the engine cover.

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If you look down into the unit there are 3 crosshead screws. These each adjust a locking pin into position, wind these upwards maybe 5 turns. This will allow you to pull the unit backwards out, not upwards otherwise you will break some plastic clips.

You wil need to remove indicator assemblies first.

Hope this isn't too vague.!


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or you could read the owners manual :wink:

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Thanks for the advice... I'll give it a go.

Taking up the 'Owners Manual' point - Apart from the one with the car, I currently don't have one. Is there a recommended manual for maintenance and jobs like this?

It's a '96 C4S


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Adrian Streather's book "993, King of Porsche" is like a posh Haynes manual of sorts

<£40-ish from Play.com

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