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993 performance


28 Sep 2005
I need help,

I want a faster car, however I am in love with my 993, how can I get it to go faster?

Anyone got experience of a supercharger and how it changes the car?

I had a 996 which sounded a little nicer, any suggestions.

Also my gearbox recentley replaced, changes gear like a tractor till I hammer it, is this the same for everyone.

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Superchargers are good- I drove a supercharged BMW 330i and it made a massive difference, sounded interesting, and was a very linear delivery. Quite expensive though... a chip may improve the driveability of the car for a far more reasonable cost. It might also be that your car's engine is not tip-top; maybe take it along to a tuner with a rolling road e.g. Weltmeister at Silverstone or AMD in Bicester to get it properly tested and set up.

Most people favour the sound of the air-cooled flat six, but if you want to improve the sound, a sports exhaust and an airbox would be a good...

Agreed- the gearboxes do work best when operated positvely, which one tends to do at speed.

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Performance is on Par, keeps up with my mates 997 and is on a par with my old 996 2. Problem is that there is no power below 4500rpm. Had a s4 audi chipped and that was awsome in all gears at all rpm, do you think supercharge would acheive this. Dont really care to much about cost, I have spent 7k on this car in the last 10 months, and have had a very pleasant 15k miles.

Car does 0 - 100mph in approx 13 seconds as it is, with an empty fuel tank. I really do love the way it handles and therefore wouldnt wish to trade to a 993 turbo 4 etc.

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Spec on my car is

1994 Carrera , 272 bhp, KNN filter, drilled air box, tips, 3rd brake light, sunnroof, 18" turbo 2 alloys (genuine) and refurbished, full leather.

I have replaced, gearbox, clutch, brake discks 3 times, brake pads dito, tyres, full service, oil 3 times.

I have blown away the new boxster on the track and the S version. Cant shake the Westies sevens and lotus elises thought, too good through the bends, *****

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S4 is turbocharged and responds well to chipping. I suspect supercharging the 993 would make it go like the proverbial as it gives grunt at all speeds unlike a turbo. 400bhp should be easily achievable. Cost wise, the supercharger conversion for the BMW was over £6k fitted.

Autofarm have experience of supercharging 911s, and probably Tech 9 in liverpool are worth a go too.

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Best speed I have had from this one so far is the wrong side of 150mph, allthough I havent been abroad in her yet.

My 996 did 175mph on the speedo on the way to france and my S4 168 with more left but I was scared she was going to take off.

I know that these are not genuine speeds as you have to allow for speedo inaccuracies, but still pretty good.

I allso had an Astra GTE16V when I was a kid which I took to 147mph. Am I sad for the speed, yes I am.

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as you have a pre-varioram model, then it is worth getting a remap done, as you will get more from a remap than a varioram model... in terms of both power and over the range..

in terms of speed I had the speedo up to 180mph, which was about 168mph in real terms whilst on a german autobahn..


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Get the car on a rolling road and checked out. The K&N filter may actually be costing you horsepower.

Agree about a remap. I got an extra 30 bhp on my non-varioram car.

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Ninemeister in Warrington have done a lot of development work with superchargers, maybe worth giving them a bell.

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I would second the recomendation to talk to Ninemeister in Warrington.

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Any idea what sort of performance gain would be bhp and torque? 0 -100 mph maybe 10 seconds?

Do you think 120k miles on the engine is too much for the supercharger? Have got new gearbox, clutch etc though.

Is it going to kill resale?

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FWIW, shirleys at meriden have had a 964 400bhp supercharged car for sale for well over a year...

The engine would need to be stripped and inspected and any weaknesses dealt with before the supercharging.

If it was done by a reputable specialist like Ruf, or Techart, there may be a good s/h market but generally modified cars don't sell well.

I suspect that tuning your car up would be far more expensive than buying one that had been done.

With the sort of performance gain you are looking for, you'd also need work doing on the brakes, suspension.

From a resale perspective the best bet would be to buy a Turbo 4!

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I have considered a turbo 993, but think that prices are holding too high at the moment and are due for a heavy dip. You can pick up a 996 turbo for £45k rhd.

Also as a dialy driver my 993 can be hard work with the gear change untill she is warmed up or on a track. I think I would find it difficult to justify £40k for a ten year old motor for every day use which has a difficult gearbox.

I have seen supercharger kits in the States for £4000 claiming gains of 80hp. They are ment to be bolt on, however if I have to strip the engine it is not worth the trouble. I will probably remap and change the exhaust, should cost 2k and give me 30bhp maybe.

What do you think?

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There may be tests you can do to ascertain the health of the engine- leak-down, compression etc. The flat six is a robust lump and should probably be OK.

I'd personally go for the remap and new exhaust and see how you get on. Then consider the 'charger.

Probably worth speaking to Neinmeister just to get a feel of costs, what's involved etc and take it from there.

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Darren, what exactly do you mean when you say your gear change can be hard work? My one and only 993 has a tiptronic box, I've never experienced a manual box, and there are times when I miss it and think I should have gone manual.

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