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993 or 996


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26 Jun 2006
Can't decide between 993 or early 996. Anyone had both out there and, if so, which do they prefer ?

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Chalk and cheese. Have you driven each yourself? It's the only way to know which you'll prefer. It's good fun choosing :wink:

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Not the 993 yet. Drove a 996 tiptronic, which was nice apart from the (lack of) gearbox.

Budget is low 20's. Seems there's a choice of either model in that price range (but don't want a tiptronic or cabriolet).

Is the 993 really hard suspension or quite compliant ? Can you fit a small adult into the back of either ?

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993 ride IMO is fine. Standard suspension in particular. Kids fit in the back of both, 996 has more room in the back.

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I think you will get a better 993 like for like- at the low £20k mark, you will get an early higher miles 996, and I think it is fair to say that 996s don't wear the miles as well as an earlier Porsche.

The 996 is a faster, better handling car, much more usable day to day. It will probably be cheaper to run. It has stuff like air conditioning that actually produces cold air as advertised on a hot day, and buttons you can see and operate from the driver's seat. It is also a bit bigger inside too, quieter and more refined.

The 993 is more 'classic' Porsche (or read 'old' depending on your perspective). If I wanted a Porsche to use day in and out, I'd get a 996. It is a great car. But for high days and holidays, a 993 will give you loads of fun, an engine note that will make you chuckle every time you floor the throttle, and very rewarding handling in as much as what you put in, you get out.

If you are thinking about a 993, Maxy M of this site was thinking of selling his- that looks a great car, and not a million miles outside your budget.

I'll leave you to come to your own conclusions about the styling.

The 993's ride is pretty firm, but in standard guise is perfectly acceptable on british B roads. A 5ft 11 friend has travelled in the back of my 993, and whilst he said it wasn't an especially pleasant experience, he said the fact was it could be done- find another car like it which offers the same versatility. Certainly no worse than a Jag XK8...

Good luck!


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For a low 20s budget, I assume it is not going to be a daily drive. If this is a correct assumption, then go for the 993. If not then the 996 should be your toy of choice!

But while thinking about it drive as many as possible! :D

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Thanks for your feedback. Won't be exactly a daily drive as we have another car too - but will need to get me around to airports etc and the odd trip abroad.

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you are a Coupe, Targa or Cab ?

then Manual or Tiptronic

LHD or RHD ? (leftie is less 3-6k spec dependant)

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Get yourself a nice C2 993 for £25k, the extras that are a must are lowered suspension, trick shocks, hard backed seats, rsr exhausts, drilled air box, clear lenses side and front, turbo brakes, brace,

Colour Speed Yellow

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Speed Freak on 10 July 2006

Colour Speed Yellow
Honestly Daz - we are trying to give him some serious advice! :wink:

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I love speed yellow,

Honest, my fav colour

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Speed Freak on 10 July 2006

I love speed yellow,

Honest, my fav colour
My neighbour had a 996 in Speed Yellow with full body kit (on loan from work), I still remember us driving through Stratford with a woman saying "more more money than sense"!

It made me laugh - it screams LOOK AT ME.

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Coupe, manual, RHD. Don't want sports suspension as will be too stiff for the
roads round here.

Yellow ?? No, saving that colour for my Lambo (we can dream!). Colour wise, I like Iris blue or the purply blue colour or silver. Not black as it shows the dirt too much. Still can't be too fussy on colour or won't find the right vehicle. Definately not yellow or bright red or white or that lime colour though.

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If you're leaning towards a 993, then either make sure it has the upgraded Bilstein HD shocks or budget for them with replacement springs. Approx £1.5k all in. Original shocks on any 993 will be knackered by now. Also budget for a fresh clutch if it wasn't changed recently... a new clutch on the 993 is about 9 hours labour... in which case you may want to go for the RS clutch and lightweight flywheel (LWF)...

If you like "consuming cars", then a 993 would be the better bet given your budget.

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