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993. Lower miles LHD or higher miles RHD


28 Feb 2003
A common dilemma for someone with a ceiling of 25k i should imagine. Any pearls of wisdom out there?

Been looking at identical spec lhd's with around 60 on the clock and rhd's with 80 plus. Similar sort of price, although the lhd's are a shade less.

Whadya reckon?

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Lhd. Interior is as it is originally designed, and servicing costs are less in Europe so better chances of it being properly maintained ;-)

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No problems driving a LHD except when perhaps trying to over take under cirtain cicumstances. Provided car is looked after don't let LHD put you off.


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Thanks people. Well, i certainly get the feeling that lhd'ers feel they have a very good case. Driving position better. Not such a big problem, apart from car parks.

Resale may take slightly longer but i can live with that.

So, it all boils down to this.

2 cars, both C2's almost identical spec (although i prefer the colour on the rhd). Both have oodles of history. Rhd slightly more expensive 24,500 as opposed to 23,500.

lhd has 60k miles

rhd has 86k miles.

Completely torn as to what to do.

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The RHD sounds like a good price, the LHD sounds a bit over-priced. Unless you can haggle the LHD down I would go RHD (unless you specifically want LHD for the reasons others have mentioned).

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well James, the guy who has just sold me his rhd mentioned above has you to thank.

After changing my mind at least 3 times over the weekend i have today bought the rhd. 993 C2 manual, silver with black leather, 86k, every piece of history and loads of it. £24k.

pick it up next week.

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I think you have done well. Sounds like a very good car at a good price. Well done. The countdown begins....

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Excellent price! Mine with an identical spec (apart from a marble grey leather interior) had 73k miles and it cost me more, though it was from a dealer -- but I still reckon you got a bargain!

PS: Pictures?

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fear not, i will post pics early next week after i pick it up.

it's like waiting for Xmas when you're about 10. Didn't think i'd feel that again.

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Ah yes, good price for a rhd.

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I rang up for this car yesterday morning & it had just sold....you got my car!!!!

Congrats...hope it is a good 'un.

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i _think_ it's a beauty. Sorry. If it's any consolation i've been pipped 3 times in the last 2 months.

Good luck with your search.

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It just goes to show that there is a limited pool of good cars out there. At least someone on the site got the car though! :wink:

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Theres a 1997 993 Targa at a independant porsche garage (am I allowed to mention names?!) right hand drive for sale at just £25995. 112,000 miles though!

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