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993 Lower Dash Removal?


New member
3 Apr 2005

I am in the process of replacing my ICE and have located some wiring which looks to be redundant as it has been cut to make way for the current stereo. The wiring leads to an amp below the driver seat again this is redundant and disconnected. I can not get to the loom due the lower dash.. I have removed the glove box and all other bolts from either side of the dash.. still seems to be held firmly.. Any ideas where I should be looking for securing bolts??

Any assistance appreciated.



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the lower dash /crash roll is held in by 8mm nuts these are quite tricky to get to because one of them is below the dash vent on the ends of the dash and needs the vent removed to gain access

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Thanks Paul,

I have removed the two 8mm bolts behind the triangular cover at the each end.. but couldn't get the dash air vents to pop out to see if anything was behind. I will give it another go, this weekend. Is there anything along the midddle holding it on behind centre console?



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Sorry to butt in- I have a loose somethingorother behind the glovebox/airbag/airvent area in my 993 which drives me nuts every time I go around a corner-

I wondered if you would be able to tell me if it is a major job to get behind this trim, and if it is do-able, then how I go about it?



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No worries Robert,

Sounds like the Airbag Connector Cable which is hanging behind the glovebox. Its got a label on it advising "do not pull!". Failing that I seem to have what looks lik the wiring loom behind the glovebox.

FYI. I started by removing the Glove Box lid comes of after removing 4 philips screws which are accesible by looking up in the passenger foot bin. They run along the hing fof the lid. After these have been removed the lid will come off after applying some pressure to either side of the lid (runners).

The Glove Box itself is held in by some philips screws and comes out with ease. Remember to disconnect the wiring for the switch and light behind the glove box.

You should be able to see the round cylinderical airbag.

I haven't done this yet but can see the 2 panels infront of the Airbag can be removed The top by unscrewing 4 Alan key style screws at the top and from what I can gather the lower panel can be removed once the Lower Dash has been removed. Well thats what stage I am at. From what I can see at the moment it is then further possible to drop the airbag which seems to be held in place by again 4 philips screws (2 either side).

Hope that helps.


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There is also a 8mm bolt in the centre, I have just done this as I fitted a carbon interior to a friends T4.

You have to take out the AC control unit also, I'm sure there is a bolt around there also, it's quite tricky. OK if you have small hands or some good extension bars with swivel.

The air vents come out with a little force, make sure the tabs at the top are depressed and it should slide out.

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Hi Perry,

Is it necessary for the airvents to come out, for the lower dash removal? If so how do they disconnect from the pipework (heater/cooler blower pipe)?, looks like vertical air flow direction control is connected to the pipework....



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Going from memory you need to take the side vents out, as there is a bolt you need access to. I can't remember about the middle vent though. The vents come out independantly from the pipework, so you don't need to touch the pipes.


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Thanks Harps... I'll give it a go.

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