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993 Hybrid Turbos


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9 Feb 2010
Low miles Hybrid Turbos for a 993TT
UMW (http://www.ultimatemotorwerks.com/) Stage 2's
Which have a ported K16 hotside and a K26 coldside.
Reputed to have respose close to the standard K16's but flow more air than the K24's of the x50 or GT2
Won't fit 996tt's (different housings).


In addition to the standard stage 2's these have the following additional options:
"Zero Clearance Coating" - an coating to reduce clearances on the coldside to further improve response/efficiency
"Ceramic Coating" - Ceramic coating on the hotside to improve response
"Billet Backplate" - machined rather than cast backplate on the coldside to reduce tolerances / increase strength
"Ported wastegate" - to improve transition between on and off boost
"Uprated Actuators" - clamp kit and new springs to uprate the stock actuators to give a higher clamping force to stop boost leaking off early (and so to get to full boost quicker), currently set at 0.75 bar rather than the 0.5 of the stock ones but can be adjusted.
"996tt shafts" - on these the nut on the compressor wheel tends to tighten whereas on the stock 993tt shafts it tends to loosen which can lead to failures (unfortunately I have first hand experience of this).

I've only swapped them out as the car is a toy rather than a daily driver and I'm going with even larger ball bearing garrets (and a host of supporting changes to get them to work since they need different oil feeds and drains).

£2000 for the pair
Another pic of them being upgraded (showing the billet backplates etc.):



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