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993 Headlamp Glass Renewal


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31 Dec 2002
sounds a lot but actually isn't....

very easy to change, improves the headlamps (beam, focus and clarity) and cleans up the front look !

in the end a very effective mod !

old headlamp.. car is almost at 100k miles and is 9 years old....


new headlamp glass....


  • the beam from the headlamp is now crisper

    focal point of beam that was missing from left headlamp has returned

    a lot cleaner.. headlamp glass was a bit yellow'ish.. so now I have clean & clear headlamp glass (although why they call it glass when in fact it is plastic!)

    main headlamp is from the upper section and you can clearly see how much easier it would be for light to penetrate the clear plastic lense instead of the dull old lense

as for the cost... OPC was �73 EACH ! and various specialists were quoting about �55-65 (exc delivery) each but in the end (after a bit of hunting around) Jasmine Porsche had them up at �47 EACH and with delivery at �12 that was a total price of �108 all in ! not bad at all..... :)

from the way the front of the car now looks.. money well spent !

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Sundeep, is it blatantly obvious what you need to do to change the headlight lenses ? I'm picking up my Targa on Saturday and on an 8 year old car I guess the lenses will be starting to yellow.

Did you try cleaning the old lenses ? I was wondering whether putting them in the dishwasher might work, but then again £108 isn't too bad a price & I guess it makes the front end look brand new.

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well I think it is really mileage dependant.... seen other lower mileage 993's that didn't need it doing but at 100k on the clock the lenses did look tired.....

did clean them and try everything else I could.......

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