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993 engine upgrades


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30 Jan 2003
Had my Black 993 for 500 miles now and am thinking of remapping the ECU and getting a sports exhaust, can anyone give their opinions on whether it is worthwhile and recommended tuners.

I did it with my 964, but the 993 feels much stronger and livelier (it is not even a varioram).

Is it worthwhile?

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I'd be interested too... mine's not a Varioram either but I'd certainly like to hear people's opinions

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I just recently had some work done by Tech9 in Hale they fitted a new exhaust 2* 100cell race cats a performance airfilter & Box & remapped my ECU (not a chip exchange) This was quite expensive but the car goes & sounds fantastic.

You need to speak with a guy called Alan Dyde he was very helpful. I actually visited Tech 9 before just to make sure they wer legit. They need your car for a couple of days & can arrange for it to be collected on a trailer.

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Hale, is that near Cheshire?

What exhaust did they fit and do you know what the revised power (BHP/torque) figures are? Especially how the mid range has been affected, as this is where most engines spend most of the time, and where you notice the difference on the road.

Did they provide before and after mapping charts?

Lastly how much is expensive? My 964 remap, airbox and exhaust work cost about a grand. Or a cecil (for readers of a previous post of mine :wink:

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They told me that my car would be putting out 315BHP with all the upgrades. I am waiting for the dyno charts to come in the post. Ihave noticed though that all the new power is coming in the mid range from about 3500rpm. My car has varioram so their is still a burst of power when it hits 5k rpm but not as pronounced as beforewhich was a bit disapointing to start with until I looked at the speedo

It cost more than a cecil in fact about 4 cecils but I did have some other work done. Adjustable suspension & braded hoses

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Sorry, Hale is between Manchester & Liverpool south of the river. If you need the contact details let me know.

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Cheers for that, so about 30bhp improvement, about right for a remap, airbox and zorst.

Would prefer someone local or at least in the south, might speak to AMD as well as JZ.

Still seriously considering JZ's 3.8 conversion, at £8k not cheap but should give excellent torque.

Anyone had or driven a 3.8l vs 3.6l?

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