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993 electric spoiler wont go down


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20 Apr 2010
Any ideas on what I should home in on...

I used to fail retracting very randomly... however I just got back from 1,000m trip and it now seems to stick up more often than not.

I've tried un plugging and replugging the... plugs... sometimes that fixes it.

however oddly when I tap the housing for the mechanics that seems to allow me to manually lower it.

It always seems to go up ok, just the going down is the issue (insert cheap gag here)

Any ideas? happend to anyone else.
Heard the one about the guy who brought his blow up doll back to the sex shop.

"It keeps going down on me"

"That'll be another forty quid"

Is there any noise from the motor when you try to lower it using the button on the console? IF not then have you checked the fuse? Have you changed that all important bearing in the motor? if not I would then look at taking your motor appart, changing the bearing etc...

Thanks guys.

Yep I've already done the 'Cog Fix' DIY project.
When it is stuck up, the internal manual button does nothing, no mechanical noise either.
After I bank on the 'cog housing' it seems to work again. (ie the manual button makes it go back down)

Is that where the microswitch is?
If it works when you bang it, then it is most probably a loose or dirty connection or a loose or out of adjustment microswitch on the spoiler/motor

If you remove the black motor/gearbox cover you will see the microswitches
Thanks I'll take a look tonight.

It does sounds like a faulty connection.

Cheers chaps.
If the mechanism is twisted, ie not aligned, the gearing will lock up.
loosen all the fixing bolts holding the gearing mechanism, make sure you loosen all of them so the gearing feels loose, and retighten slowly progressively tightening each bolt one turn at a time like torquing a head up , finger tighten them first of course, all you'll be all day, or night in your case.
I bet it'll work fine when they are loose, take your time.
It my be alignment. Banging it takes the pressure off the gearing enough for the lock up to be overcome, thats a good shout.
Contact cleaner from maplins on the micro switches will sort any internal electrical contact probs. After spraying on the cleaner, work the switch clicking it for 10-15 seconds.
Try re-alignment first

stuttgartmetal said:
Try re-alignment first


Personally I would do the other simple stuff people mentioned ie wiring, microswitch etc before you start undoing stuff and trying to realine stuff that may be in the correct place already
That's not to say it won't be the alignment suggestion but its always better to do the easy simple stuff first
If your engine started tapping,you would check the oil level first before you stripped it to adjust the tappets, not the other way round
You could always undo the motor, and see if it goes up and down by hand, by hand turning the drive cable, and gauging how much force it took.

Alignment and motor removal are no cost options.
Would you buy oil, before you checked the dipstick?

Checks on the microswitch is relatively easy.
Whatever you do first, you#ve got a few options now.

It doesn't sound like too big a proble.
Bite the bullet Fella, go for it.

Good luck.
OK possibly fixed..

I took of the housing off (and dropped one of the screws into the engine... *****)

The the manual button would make it rise, but not go down.

So I assumed that the microswitch that tells the spolier that is closed (the bottom one) was probably a little too close to the switch.. hence it thinking it was closed when it actually wasn't, and therefore not allowing it to close.

I bent it out a little bit.. and it seems to close just fine. Also a little rubber bolt cover (the same as the ones that fall off the bolts on the inside of the spoiler, the ones that those with OCD have replaced) fell out of the plastic housing. So I wonder if perhaps that was getting in the way and triggering the 'closed' microswitch.

Well I'm driving down to Dover and back on Thursday so I'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the tips all!!!
stuttgartmetal said:
Would you buy oil, before you checked the dipstick?

:dont know: we are 993ers - don't we all have new oil sitting in the garage awaiting the next few oil-changes, lined-up, dated, and cross-referenced with new Mahle filters?
Good news... the spoiler works perfectly now.

It must have been the bottom micro switch as I mentioned above... the switch was slightly closes so the spolier thought it was closed when it was still up.

So I'm a happy chap again.

Thanks for your help all!

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