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993 Driving Lights


21 Jun 2003
Are there any replacement bulbs for the front driving lights of the 993?

The present ones look very dim and yellow compared to the "white" light from the headlambs.

Any suggestions please....

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No I'm not now.

Now I have a BMW bulb that improves the Porsche part by 6 watts : 10 watts in total. The part number is for the BMW part is 63-31-1-375-003

I have just ordered these and will collect them on Saturday

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Until you made this post I had never really noticed - but you are right, they do look c**p!

Let us know how the Beemer bulbs look.

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Ok I have got her back from the Paint Shop (Lancasters Cambridge) they have done a nice job, I asked them to keep it as long as needed for a good job and it is.

The Beemer bulbs are in and although its daylight you can see the difference next to each other. Much brighter of course with 6 watt extra. They will still look little orange next to the white light of the headlamps but a def improvement. Easy to fit in a couple of mins - unscrew the srew on the side lens and slide the unit forward to access the srew for the fog and side light lens then unscrew and slide along and foward. Thats it.

BMW part number is above.


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Aren't they parking lights and not driving lights?

In which case why would you need them to drain the battery quicker? The alarm system does that anyway!

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They are used as parking lights but I don't use parking lights unless I'm parking a bit close to the road in a dark/narrow street to run in somewhere to get a take away, rent a DVD or whatever so that only takes a few minutes.

As for the alarm well the longest I have not used the car for is two weeks and no problems with battery drain yet... touch wood.

They just look better when they are brighter under the headlamps ... thats it. The 4 amps looked dull and old fashioned.

I'm not alone in this school check RennList. The "septics" are all over it.

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Just doing mine, 1 new bulb 1 old. Guess which is which :)


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See what you mean. Look good. Must do that.

My brand new Porsche battery drained flat while I was away for a month......

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Having bought the wrong 10 watt bulbs from Halfords, I find they fit the feeble 5 watt red rear lights on the 307 - brilliant!

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Are they the BMW lights or a different type?



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I take it you mean the lights in my pic.

The front passenger side (RH drive car) parking light has the 10W BMW bulb referred to in WillD's message - part number 63-31-1-375-003. The dim one is the original 4W Porsche item.

That reminds me - I must do the other side of mine this weekend. I got sidetracked after posting the photo (bottle of red I think it was...). Does anyone else find it difficult getting the light fitments out, or is it just me? Mine seem very tight.

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