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21 Jun 2003
Hello everyone, Firstly great forum, loys of info and advice.

My dilema is this:I went to see a C4S N1996 Mid Blue, 70k miles liked it however could not get anyone to ppi car is in manchester tried opc they are busy till mid sept. tried 9m they said they would only be able to do a walk around and give there opinion on the car not an inspection of the car, also the car has already been there and had some work done. Ideally i like to take it to JZ.

The car has a scrape on the fron twing not too bad and a scuff on the rear arch but not as bad as some ive seen.However on the test drive the gear box didnt feel as smooth as other ones driven and also vibrated at speed.

i made an offer subject to PPI and seller agreed.

Subsequently I have been offered a C2S p1997 with only 13k miles in Arena Red for a few grand more but within budget (just).

My dilemma is this so i push to find ppi on the C4S 993 or go with the C2S (still with PPI)

I know some of you have one or the other and would love some honest advice also any good ppi places near manchester!!!!

Thanks hope you can help


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I would go with the C2S. That car has obviously been pampared throughout its life, probably only driven on weekends etc. The C4S sounds a bit tired, and several big jobs such as clutch(and gearbox by the sound of it) will need doing if not already done. Buy the best you can afford, its best in the long run.

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I've had a C2S for about six months now and love it to bits. That said the performance of the 2S and 4S is a little less than the normal C2/C4 because of the wide body, it is lower, and can be more skitish than the standard car, I just love the shape. There is the C2/C4 debate as well - some will argue that you get a better driving experience from a 2 than a 4 but I suppose you should drive both flavours and then make your decision, I just happened to fall in love with mine and bought it on the spot.

Also let the condition of the cars help you make the decision ...the 2S is newer and 13K miles is very low. Also if you have any doubts about the 4S I would walk away.

Noony's advice about buying the best you can afford is very sound. There are lots of cars about so there is no need to compromise.

anyway welcome to the site and good luck!

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buy the low milage car!

good luck


selltop cars

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