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993 'creaky' front window


New member
28 Feb 2003
Good People, whilst on my continuing search for a good value 993 C2 Manual LHD (can't really stretch to a RHD) i was taken for a test drive in a '94 LHD C2 and made a comment to the dealer (RSJ Motors) that the front window was 'creaking' when we were in motion.

He told me that it was a common fault on 993's from that age and was to do with sub-standard window sealant. He went on to say that Porsche do a free recall to re-seal the front window.

Can anybody tell me if this sounds genuine?

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I'd be interested in the answer too -- mine creaks...

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Having researched 993s a lot before buying mine, I've certainly read about creaking front windscreens being a common problem. So, no worries there. However, I don't know about any recall or free resetting. A quick call to any Porsche main garage will do the trick. Despite me not buying my 993 from a Porsche main dealer, my local one (Lindbrook, Tonbridge) have been really helpful - eg. alerting me to a wiring loom recall and recommending I bring it in to check if it's been done, at no charge.

I hope this helps.



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Just called my local OPC and they reckoned that, while there is an official recall for wiring looms and 'when did sir want to book his car in', they can do something about the creaky windscreen but it's a chargeable item. I'll find out what it entails later today and report back...

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My 996 had this problem prior to collecting it from Northway Porsche Specialist. They sorted out by applying some Teflon tape.

Problem went away.


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I'll be interested in what you find out. My windscreen is known to have a bit of a moan too. Just spoke to Lindbrook, Johnny's scoop is the deal. Its not done as a recall but as a modification. Apparently they whip off the seal and apply teflon tape. Windscreen does not need to be removed. Richard at Lindbrook reckons it can be squeezed in on a saturday morning. They dont charge for the materials. Labour of £65 plus VAT is the total cost for a squeekless windscreen.

Mines going in the week after next. Hope that helps David

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Manek, thank you for all your info. Thats really useful and also makes me realistically suspicious of the dealer who told me that it was a free recall.

In any event i have taken James' advice (in the other topic "low miles lhd or higher miles rhd) and gone for the rhd that has done more miles over the lhd. A beautifully looked after 993 C2 manual that has every piece of history going back to it's birth in '95. Interestingly he had a receipt for a creaky front window being fixed with teflon tape last year for £60.

I pick the car up next week and can hardly wait.

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David. Excellent news. Congratulations on your new purchase. You must post some pictures when you get your hands on it.


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how do you decide whether its the windscreen that creaks, or the dashboard??

i've got a definite creak, but i'm unsure where its coming from??

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Aha, like Jono I thought I had an occasionally creaky dash but sounds like it may be the screen. £60 odd quid sounds reasonable if it cures it completely.

Booking in for an oil service in a month or so, so i'll ask my local OPC about it then.

What were the symptoms of the wiring loom fault? My car had a problem with the loom connceting the lights - my driverside front sidelight came on with the brake!?


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David, you're welcome. And congratulations on the car -- it sounds similar to mine (1995 RHD C2) which I've had all of four weeks, and which also has what on most cars would be average mileage for the age.

I have to say that of all the cars I've bought which were 'high' milers, none have ever demonstrated problems relating to the miles covered -- ie rotating and reciprocating bits, so I'm sure the RHD was the right choice -- it was one I was faced with and decided that everyday practicality was the higher priority.

As for the loom/creaking issue, my car hasn't shown any symptoms from the loom problem that I'm aware of but, hey, it's preventative(!), it's free, and Riverdale Porsche near Brighton will give me a courtesy car to pootle around in for the day (they haven't said what it is yet!). And for an extra £65 + VAT they'll fix the creaky windscreen -- yes, it's Teflon tape time. So why not?

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On the loom re-call, not sure what the symptoms are/were. Apparently the risks were overheating/fire in the engine area due to inferior coating/ sleeving on the cables. Your OPC will check to see if its been done, if it hasnt, peace of mind for no cost is good.

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In relation to the squeaking windscreen, this apprently was a problem on the first few years of the 993. I do not believe there was ever a recall, BUT I know Porsche were aware of it. From what I know, the creak was caused from the glass making contact with the seal of the vehicle. The cure was to place a strip of special 'stuff' (cannot remember the name) inside the rubber between the rubber and the glass which prevented it. My last 993 had this issue and they put the strip in and sure enough it cured it. This was in Aus though, but an indy dealer.

If your's does creak, then this will definately be the reason. Best to talk to a knowledable indy dealer rather than an OPC - you'll probably have to pay regardless but it will not cost much - 45 mins I would guess to do the job. But I can confirm there is a known fix to the issue - I just don;t belive it was a recall as not every car did it. Hope this helps,


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Don't suppose you know if replace the window screen after a stone chip - using Auto Glass will undo the work that northway did with the teflon tape

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Not totally sure - I would say a windscreen replacement would probably leave the teflon strip there, but then it all depends on what happens when they remove the screen. The teflon strip is always there - I guess its down to luck, but I thought that the teflon was stuck to the rubber, not the glass, therefore a new screen shouldn't make a difference. Then again...

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