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993 cab

Simon W

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21 Jun 2003
OK, So I got rid of my C2s in April to buy a new house.
It seems however, that I’m sadder than I thought, and whilst moderately happy with new wife – I need to get out of her 950cc Fiat and back into a 993.
With that in mind, she’s agreed we can buy a less expensive house with a garage, and I can get back into Porsche.

I’ve decided that I’d like a 993 cabriolet, not for everyday use, but more a fair weather / weekend car.
Would like to know what experience any of you have on the 993 cab.
Any particular pitfalls of ownership or known problems I should be aware of?
Roof in particular.


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Hi Simon

Had mine for close on two years now and touch wood, has been faultless. I have pre-varioram and Tip s. Everything very well behaved. Wind deflector a must unless the kids are in the back, although quite honestly, when they're both in the back, bent forward with their heads poking between the front seats, anything above 4000rpm drowns out their moaning anyway. The roof, compared to my old 911sc targa is positively airtight in comparison. I've driven a few times in serious rain, its been parked in serious rain, and as yet I havent had the in-car footbaths in the rear footwells that I had with the sc. Do keep an eye on the 'lugs' (on the leading edge of the roof that lock into the top of the windscreen frame). They have a perverse desire to loosen the screw thread and fall out. Luckily mine did it in the OPC car park when I was having the wiring loom done. Other than that, it was the first IMHO that still looked good with the roof up, and had curves matched only by Scarlet Johansen in the opening credits of Lost in Translation with the roof down.

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Thanks Hendo,

Think the cab is a gorgeous looking machine. Don't laugh, but I had a 2.8 Z3 a couple of years ago, and loook forward to open top motoring once again. Do the rear screens crease on the cabs quite obviously as was the case on the Z3? Also, any tips for storing the car. I'd like to keep it tucked away in the wetter months.

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Errrr noted on the Z3 front :)

I guess the screens can crease, but I think I was quite lucky with what looked like a very recent or very well cared for roof and screen when I bought it. The screen is noticeably bigger (read safer) than the 964 screen. As for garaging, although mine is a second car, I'm out most weekends so I keep her in the garage, always with the roof up to minimise creasing and so far it seems to keeping well

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My roof hasnt creased particulary - you just cant beat a cab tho for both weks of the british summer!

I use mine every day - and although it is garaged she is pretty damn watertight in the wetter months - (Sept - Jul)

Bit noisier with the drop top - but that sometimes isdnt a downside!! (Especially with a sports exhaust!)

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I especially want the cabriolet so I can hear the engine noise! Would you recommend a sports exhaust? Does it increase the power a little as well?

Off to see a house tomorrow night with 2 garages. Thinking a Porsche in one and and a Yamaha R1 in the other.

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The sports exhaust is pretty noisy - can be a little too boomy arund the 2k revs but the overun and burbling at idle is absolutlely georgeous - manek may want to add or second that!

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