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993 cab - engine noise


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13 Jan 2006
can anyone help?? .. i have owned my '97 993 cab for just under a year and have had a tapping noise coming from the engine under revs since day 1. I asked the head service tech at porsche about it and he said its nothing to worry about and that some cars jsut sound that way!... i also asked my father in-law who has owned over a dozen various 911's and he said that 911's are known to sound like a "marble in a tin can"!! (is this right)??... i was just coming to terms with the fact that this is how it should sound then last week for about 3 days the tapping sound disapearred and the engine sounded sweet!!! .. Anyone have any ideas as to where the sound is coming from?? or how i can get rid?? .. any help would be appreciated!!

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Post the question on Rennlist.com forum 993 section (subscription) and you'll get a larger number of replies from owners who have lots of experience taking this engine apart.

A search of Rennlist has pointed to pre-ignition - pinking - low octane fuel can cause it or in addition the collapse of a rubber tube in the advance retard air line.

"Hi jason,
FWIW, pinging, to me, sounds like marbles being rattled around in a metal can that has been wrapped in a blanket. Is that similar to the sound you're hearing?

I had exactly the same problem, for me, what solved it was the adaption of a small y-cord splitter that lives on the left hand side of the varioram induction tucked back in there. This spiltter collapses with time and effects advance/retard, causing the pinging/knocking /rattling under load. You can effect a repair with a small piece of 8mm brass tubing, there is a thread on this very problem on the board somewhere, perhaps some clever johnny can direct you to it, it certainly solved this very annoying problem for me.



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Thanks Stevo...

its been driving me crazy... Hopefully this might be the problem... but will have a look at the rennlist forum also!!



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The reason it disappeared might have been better octane fuel - try topping up with Shell Optimax (98 octane) or similar - the highest rated you can get of any brand would do.

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yeah Stevo ..I only use 98 octane..(shell preferably but sometimes caltex premium)have done since day 1... its just started to get a bit cooler here (aus) in the last couple of weeks and i thought it might be the temp...but alas the irritating sound is back (along with the cold weather)!!

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