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993 cab 103k miles ?


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2 Feb 2005
Evening all,

As most of you know, I have been looking for a 993 for some time and had no joy,

I am after a Carrera 4 Coupe 1996 N/P with a Max of 70,000 miles..£25k Max

Well, I have been offered a Carrera 2 CAB.95/N with 103,000 miles, not much history, Blue met, 5 owners and it not a tidy one BUT... Its from a company I deal with at work its a Finance repo.. so will be cheap around £17-19,000 !

Is it worth the money? will it drive as good as a coupe ? is 103k too many miles ? and re-sale value ?

Advise please, Should i hold out for what i want, or save £7-8000 and have some fun in this one ?


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103k... seems ok for a 10 year old car..

mine has 95k and rising

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Thank you Sundeep, what about how it will drive as a cab over a coupe ?


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that's a hendo question for our resident slush master....

prob' not too different.. after all my Targa is on a cab chassis and it ain't that different from the coupe....

but the cab is a 'different' car to live with, soft top et al.....

as Mark Pearse pointed out (again !) Cab's are in less demand... even though they cost more new.. so at the price you've got a good car...

obviously usual PPI & checks should be done, etc

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One problem,

I will not have chance to have a PPI !

I will have to walk around the car, look at it and put an offer in, Not even get chance to drive it !!

Did i say it was a tiptronic ?


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This is the photo's I have had sent to me.


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well that's what I had to do when I bought my car !

got the peter morgan guide (ok'ish) & 911 secrets (a must) and did my own inspection !!

and based oon that I bought the car, the only check I could do was the german equiv of a PPI to ensure the title was correct... but because of that in my budget of £26k I had £2k of that aside for fixing stuff afterwards..

defo get the buyers guide.. per this link from this site ! I had it all printed out and went though ever page of it myself in the 2 hours I had with the car !

btw.. what part of the country is the car, if it's not too far away maybe someone could have a look at it as well !

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RHD for that money.. not bad at all !

has it been looked ??

if not (just a quick view) then expect to spend at least £3k+ in bring it back to tip top shape, e.g. servicing, etc , etc

then after that compared to the forecourt price you still would have got a good car...

as long as you like blue ?

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Thanks again for the reply.

No, I have a pass to get in and only I'm allowed to go and view, I have no idea where the car is I think its in Southampton? but not sure.

And I will have to get the sales manager of the repo company to start it up, not even I can do that (sh*t i know but there the rules).

I will be given 10 mins to look it over hear the engine and thats it !they have a 964 as well.


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Yea, I wanted Blue, Black or Silver...

The leather looks worn, but i think there are companys that can sort that..

But another thing, I never wanted a Tiptronic.....


Am i just looking at price, or getting a 993 ? Should i not wait for the C4 I want ?

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if you never wanted a tiptronic.. that is the question.......

it may be fine.. after all there is nothing wrong with a Tip 993... press and you can still do changes......

but for me it's a no..... it comes down to personal choice.....

although as a Cab the Tip prob' makes sense as the cab is a cruiser

of course for the price difference .. is it worth the gamble ? could be but only you know.....


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So True,

But when I have been after a 993 C4 for so long, then my boss say's to me "your after a 911, that company we deal with has one, gonna be cheap ! and after all it still a 911"

I wish he had said nothing, in a way but then i would never known, if he told me in a few days that if it went for £17,000, would i of thought sh*t, i would of bought that... would'nt I ?


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and that's the catch... esp at £17k for a RHD

life is full of gambles......

I took a one with mine, cost me a bit more to fix her but more than happy now....... but then again it could have gone all wrong...

when you see it you will know.... or not ?!?!?

but consider the depreciation on that car in 2 years, say itf you have spend a few £k's on it... could really see such a car fixed up good & proper being less than teens ?

there are a lot of neglected 993's out there which are bargains !

tell us how you get on !

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Will do,

Thanks Again Sundeep.

Have a good evening.

Dan :wink:

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Dan, it sounds like you have not made up your mind about what kind of car you want.

If you have never owned a convertible, I would not recommend a 993 cab as your 1st cab. IF you wanted a cab, then you can get the open top experience for much less. Trust me, there are significant compromises when it comes to owning a cab in this country.

A 993 is an absorbing experience all of it's own. Fix your budget. There are ALWAYS going to be cheaper cars that come in UNDER your budget. But, if you are buying to budget, BUY THE BEST CAR YOU CAN FOR YOUR MONEY. The 993 was not a limited edition model, so there are many around and price IS negotiable (I haggled over £3.5k off mine from a $tealer)

In other words, if your budget is £25k, then go look for the best £26+k car TO SPEC and haggle to get it in your budget. I don't think you'll regret it.

FIX YOUR BUDGET AND FIX YOUR MODEL. Then go look. Plenty of other models will distract you, but you only risk rationalising your way into something you may regret later. Go for EXACTLY what you want. It may take some time, but if what you are looking for is not unreasonable, then you will be well rewarded. No matter how rich someone is, £25k is a lot of money. Spend it wisely on what you WANT.

(fwiw, I have both a convertible and a C4 coupe and would not want to mix the two)

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