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993 C2S or C4S ?

Richard Oakley

New member
17 Jul 2004
Having recently sold my 996 C4 I am in the market for a 993.

I like the turbo bodied cars but cannot decide between a C2S and a C4S. Is the C4S really worth the extra and how much of a difference should I have to pay overa C2S.

Is there also a big difference in availability and which is the better investment.


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I looked into this quite a bit. In the end I went for a standard narrow bodied C2 as the general opinion was that they handled better, were quicker, and you could get a very good one at sensible price.

However if you are looking for the difference between a C2S and a C4S, the C4S is a Turbo (brakes, suspension, etc) but with a standard non Turbo engine.

The C2S on the other hand is a wide bodied car but with standard C2 set up.

The C2S and C4S seem to be about the same money to buy.

good hunting


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GT magazine in a reveiw of the S versions this month, sticks by its opinion that the S versions are less fun than the standard - due to harsh ride and handling problems on standard British aweful road surfaces. (but theres a cop out at the end of the story in case of flames from S owners!.) My standard car had 18" wheels fitted last June for a continental trip - when I got back I replaced them with the origional 17 inchers. The 18's were harsh and tramlined all over the road in Britain. The stiffer suspension and 18 inchers on the S version caused the same problems for the GT magazine testers. quote "The result is a severe dose of manboob jiggle and a distinct possibility of having an accident in a straight line".

Well that should guarantee a few replies......

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If the 2S was supplied with 18" wheels from new, it will be fitted with Turbo hollow spoke wheels, whereas the 4S will have heavier solid wheels.

Both 2S and 4S have lowered sports suspension, another reason for the more harsh ride over standard narrow bodies.

However, most people with narrow bodies will, by now, be thinking or will have already renewed their shocks and probably springs. Many will have opted for lowered sports suspension which will make the ride more harsh, like the 2S and 4S.

The 2S and 4S have wider rear tyres than the narrow bodies which should raise the "breakaway" limit somewhat in the dry.

With tracking done and recent new shocks / springs mine behaves well.

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If you've decided on a wide bodied car because you love the looks, I don't think the ride quality is going to swing the vote. The 4s has the red turbo brake calipers as opposed to the standard black ones on the 2s, but that's about the only external difference as far as I can tell (provided the 2s has the 18 inch turbo alloys - most do). I would be inclined to go for a 2s purely because they're a couple of thousand pounds less expensive. Residual value is holding very well.

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I believe the C4S came with full leather dash.

The C2S exclusively has the "split grill" rear pop-up spoiler.


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by WillD on 19 July 2004

The C2S exclusively has the "split grill" rear pop-up spoiler.
which is what exactly !

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This is my understanding:

993 C4S is like C4 but has :

Full Turbo body (wider at the rear arches)

Full Turbo 'Big Red' Calipers/bigger disks

Full Turbo suspension

18" shape wheels (look like the turbo, but not hollow)

Generally a very high spec, (leather, aircon, ICE) but not sure if that was standard or specified

993 C2S is like C2 but has full turbo body

'Split' rear engine vents - here is a small picture -



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The C2S I am advised does not have the "full" Turbo Suspension but does have upgraded suspension (more sporting) than the C2.

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Thanks. Some good advice there.

I don't want to buy something that turns out to be difficult to move on in the future.

Therefore can anyone advise whether the C4S is generally more sought after than a C2S, or are the turbo bodied cars generally not that desirable.

I assume that manual or tiptronic would be a factor also?



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The Turbo bodied cars are more desirable - they are also rarer which is why it is more expensive that standard Carrera's (Price is market driven)

The 4S and 2S and gearbox is just personal choice - I like 6 speed my Father wants a Tip ...... I like 2 and he wants a 4 as he likes the extra traction on normal roads/driving in the wet.....

You should not find it hard to shift a good condition/history/looked after 993 S - the colour will be more important to aftersale than the 2 or 4 and gearbox.

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I had the pleasure to test drive the 993 Twin Turbo and the 993 4S, but not the 993 2S.

I found the 993 4S a wonderful car, with a general good balance and very enjoyable; the S versions are rarer and therefore more precious.

Your assumption on manual or tiptronic is right.

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There is an article on a 175,000 mile C2S (as well as a C2) in the August 2004 911 & Porsche World which may give you an insight at least into the C2S - i.e. maintenance, value, desirability etc.

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