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993 C2S brakes


New member
17 Apr 2003
Hi All,

The 993 C2S write-up in GT Purely Porsche Sept 2002 states that the C2S has ordinary Carrera brakes and not turbo as fitted to the C4S - is this correct and if so, does that mean lower servicing costs?


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Yes thats right the C2S's have standard brakes...as for servicing costs I would think that new discs/pads for the C2S would be cheaper than for the C4S, but as to how much of a difference I wouldnt like to guess.

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There really is no difference in braking capability in normal driving between the "normal" Carrera brakes and those fitted to the C4S or Turbo. Even on a trackday I've outbraked a 993 Turbo into the bends. To find the limit your have to be a real nutter :)

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I'll second that ... on the 'Can you handle it day' when I had an instructor on board telling me when to brake the stopping power was awesome... I wasn't quite so confident when I was on my own :oops:
though I now have a great deal of respect for the 'standard' brakes.

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Absolutely, me too. As a relative newbie to the 993 C2, at the 'can you handle it?' day, I was deeply impressed that te brakes could handle high speed stops lap after lap with only a slight softening which quickly disappeared after a short cooling down period.

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Thanks all, just what I wanted to hear. :lol:


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