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993 C2 versus C4


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21 Jun 2003
Morning all

Sorry, me again.

I have been looking for a C2 for some time now but a C4 has come up, low miles 37K, 95M for £29 ish.

I have only driven C2's up to now so how does the C4 compare. I know you will all say drive the car and compare it yourself, but I have a 600 mile round trip to view so any help would be appreciated. Any other information would be well received.


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c4 = less boot space, marginally increased servicing & running costs, better traction, ABD std and a tad of understeer(more control for 'normal' driver)

c2 = that true oversteer supercar experience..which you know is what you want !

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I know I want a C2 but its finding a good one thats the problem.

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and you can drive a c4 in bad weather conditions including snow, but a c2 is snow is marginally better than the govt reasons behind the war on iraq...

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Sundeep - i'll second that comment about a C2 in the snow.

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...don't kid yourself that a C4 is a pussycat - I read too many of you guys posts and only realised this when I got sideways in the wet a couple of times - C4 still has far too much power for the traction available, and there is none of this nannying front-drive bias to save you either!!


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