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993 C2 OR C2S


21 Jun 2003
Your thoughts please because I am going round in circles..... :?

After owning then selling a 911 SC about 3-4 years ago I am dying to get back into another 911 and I have pretty much decided on a 993 C2 manual 285bhp etc..

Started off thinking of spending abt 30k and know after seeing a few C2S I'm thinking mid 30's.... Of course a decent S is actually going to cost me more than 35 (from dealer as not many private around as far as I can see)so now I thinking decent C2 is financially more logical but of course........ it not an S and when has logic ever been a factor when buying choosing a 911 ...??

Is it really worth spending that extra for the S ??

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I would say no.

All you get with the C2S is the wider body, you don't get the brakes and other stuff like you do with the C4S.

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Thanks, this is the way I'm starting to think.

I should be able to pick up a highly spec'd good mileage and history C2. Now I definately don't want the 4 do I ? (No the 2...)

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Plus the C2S doesn't handle as well :wink:

2 or 4? Depends what you want this car for.

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C2 is lighter and has a smaller frontal area, and lower drag so has the edge on performance. The C2S can be a bit twitchy on uneven surfaces. Its a nice dilemma to have but if I was thinking of spending £35k I would be looking at LHD 993 RS, but I guess that just opens up a whole can of worms...

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Thanks bosch, I had a feeling someone was going to come up with the LHD RS option but although I like the performance angle I think that the RS is little two basic for me as this will be my only car.

Noony, as I have said above will be using this car as a sole car and only at the evenings and weekdays. Probably trackday once or twice a year maybe..... but that isn't the main consideration. Just day to day driving and the odd long diststance when I try and avoid motorways anyway.

So its the 2C then..? Now got to keep looking at them all till right one comes along. Thinking Silver, Blue or Black (possy) loaded up and then usuall on history, mileage etc.

When on average do the clutches need replacing ? 60,000 ?

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I can't find where you said that :wink:

If this is your only car, and would be used in all weather then I would have to recommend the 4.

60k is about right, but it depends how good/bad the previous owner was with his left foot.

Whatever you go after, I'll keep an eye out for you...

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Have you test-driven a 993RS? Worth sacrificing a few creature comforts I reckon.

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William, I went through a similar loop to you nine months ago and I'd say a C2 for all the reasons already stated - better performance (lighter, less frontal area), less to g wrong and, for most of the time, plenty of traction. Just have to be a bit cautious in the wet/snow.

I'd advise doing a track day early on to give you a feel for how much grip the car has and what it feels like when you'reon the edge of available grip. I guarantee you'll be amazed a) at just how much grip the C2 has and b) just how well and clearly it telegraphs when you're about to lose the back end. You'd have to be almost asleep to lose it.

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Thanks everyone.

I may be able to get hold of a C4S new clutch etc. Silver with Blue leather Porsche and Specialist History don't know much else at the moment except ........ 75000mls - Quite high .... what do you think its worth ?

Is that milage too high when I can get a C2 or 4 with much less mileage and FPSH for I expect similar money ?

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I chose a C2S over a C2, C4 or C4S for a number of reasons:

Prefer 2 wheel drive handling over 4;

2 wheel drive quicker than 4 in most situations, despite Porsche official figures;

I love the wide look of the S and 4S;

S gives you lower M030 or M033 suspension;

S gives you wider rear tyres - better grip;

with S you usually get sports seats (standard with S?) and often lighter 18" hollow spoke wheels;

S rarer.

(Incidentally, when new the 4S was about £7000 more expensive than the S, but there is little difference in used price now.)

For me, those were reasons why I paid more than a standard C2 and I guess this goes for others which is why they are still in the high £30s / low £40s.

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I bought the 'S' based on a love of the wide body look, but a hatred of the turbo Insurance costs. Drive the car daily, and whilst perhaps it's not the most practical car for everyday, I have absolutely no regrets. My understanding is that the 4S is slightly slower due to the increased weight of teh 4 running gear and brakes. Is this true?

I't's the only Porsche I've owned, so perhaps not the best person to give advice, but I can't see you regretting the 'S'. Incidentally, my 'S' does not have the sports seats. I would've liked them.

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Searching .... a few to look at will keep you updated.

Thanks for the comments.

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In the last 24 hours I have gone full circle again. 2 - 2S - 2 - 2S

Now I have seen an ad for a C2S 6speed FPSH 2 Owners. I need to view it obviously but it sounds great ... cherished etc. Then I start thinking about the price differential between the C2 and C2S and the comments about the handling being not as good.

On the other hand the "S" looks are doing it for me especially in Silver with full grey leather (Dash and doors) and silver dials. It doesn't have sports seats though.

Did the 2S have 18" wheels as standard ? I thought yes.

I should be getting some photos sent tonight, assuming its all mint what do you think it should be worth (Private sale) ?

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What is the mileage? I would pay no more than £35k for a C2S.

18" wheels are not standard on the 2S.

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