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993 C2,C2S,C4S

dick jones

21 Oct 2005
Apart from the S bodied 993's looking very tasty I still lean towards the standard carrera 2 and as they are cheaper they fit my criteria for porshe ownership and enjoyment at a reasonable price with minimal depreciation.

However my question to any owners of the above cars is this, the 4S bodied car weighs 80 kg more due to turbo runnining gear and I presume the 2S is slightly lighter than the 4S as it runs on the same running gear as a standard 993 but in the varioram models the BHP, Torque, 0-60 & top speed figures are identical, so how can the heavier car match the lighter car is it the traction.

So which is the 1st choice car and not for looks but best value.


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top speed figures has NB a few mph higher than the WB for aerodynamic purposes, but hardly a differnce in the real world, as with 0-60

but then a C2 is quicker around the nurburgring than a C4, by about a few seconds which for a 13 mile test isn't bad !

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having owned so far the 996 C2 1998, C2 993 1994 & current 996 C4S,

if you are looking for performance dont bother with 993 C4S, it will be hugely slower than your current car.

What you want is a C2 1994 - 1998, with as little weight as possible,

however even then you will notice a huge difference in performance, the C4S is slow, as it the C2 in comparison to either the 996 and esp 997.

IMHO best bet would be an earl high milage 996 C2, with hardly any extras, and in good condition circa £20k

After ownership of a 997 you just wouldnt be able to live with how slow all but the 993 C2's are,

No disrepect to 993 C4 owners, however the performance diffrence between a 996 C2 to a 993C4S is huge let alone 997S.

Best try before you buy


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Just a thought,

You will probably find a 964C2 as quick as a 993 and for less money

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Thanks for both your replies, Daz if you remember my car is tiptronic and reads about the same times in performance as a 993 C2 which I would be happy with and would leave spare cash to do a few tweaks. I have been looking at 964's and a nice car they are and again could improve with the spare cash. How did you find your 993 ownership and would you go back to it.


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Dick, you just need to try the cars. Your 997S is a very quick motor. The tip may be a bit slower in the 0-60, in real world driving you wouldn't notice the lack of speed.

But the 993C4S is 100kg heavier than your 997S and has 70bhp less and 60 Nm of torque less. That is a lot!

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Speed Freak on 25 June 2006Just a thought,
You will probably find a 964C2 as quick as a 993 and for less money
Owning both I would have to disagree. The difference between a Varioram 993 C2 and a 964 C2 is quite marked. I can also tell the difference between a Varioram 993 and non Varioram. From lowest to highest it goes 964C2->993 Non Varioram->993 Varioram.

If you can afford a 993 RS then there is another noticable step up in performance.


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Jay 964's 964 was allmost as quick pick up as my 996C4S at LLandow, His C2 is well sorted and very fast, as is Micks 993.

A good C2 964/993 can be very fast, however where you will notice the major diffrence with your present car is pick up above 50 mph, very marked.

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[quote:UDyWAj1Cro="Previous poster"]Quote: Originally posted by dick jones on 25 June 2006...so how can the heavier car match the lighter car is it the traction...

Yes it is the traction off the line. I believe the C4 is slightly quicker to 60 but the C2 is faster to the quarter mile and beyond as the weight difference kicks in.

Try both a 993 and a 964 on the road. You'll notice the difference, both in the push and the way the suspension copes with the road. However the most important part of these cars enjoyment is making sure the car, especially the suspension, is set up. Its the balance that makes them a pleasure to drive not the out and out performance (otherwise you would stay with your 997).


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Best ... difficult .... C2 if you want a 993 and C2 if you want a 964. Seems to be about 10 grands difference in the prices between 964s and 993s so depends what you want it for.

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My 993 C4 has superb road handling with its 18" wheels. I drove a C2 before I purchased the C4 and wasn't impressed by the with all the power going through the rear wheels esp in the wet. My C4 is excellant in the wet. It also has saved me when putting power down too early exiting a mini roundabout. The power transfered to the front wheels and it pulled me out of the sh*t!

It all comes down to what you want to use your car for and what kind of driver you are.


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