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993 Buyers Advice

Tim Richardson

30 Jan 2007
Hi all,

So I've started the search for my dream 993...thanks to this site and armed with my trusty Peter Morgan buyers guide I am starting to build up a basic knowledge of the car and potential pitfalls to look out for during a first viewing.

So far I have viewed just 2 cars, the first was a non starter and the second of which looked like a pretty sound example. A couple of things that I noticed on this particular Varioram 993 that I would be very grateful for some feedback on...

Interior -Check straps/seat electrics/trim caps/headlining all checked and looked fine. What would you consider to be acceptable levels of wear in the cabin ? This question is more specific to the condition of seats/carpets/gear lever/break handle, I guess the darker the colour the better here.

Exterior - VIL was present on the bonnet but not on the door catch post. I noticed some grounding damage under the front end and a few stone chips here and there. Appreciate that this is inevitable..what is the best solution for getting the paintwork looking A1 again ?

Driving - I haven't got this far as yet but can anybody give me some pointers on what to look out for as a relative novice to the pleasures of 911 driving ?! I'm more concerned about the transmission and how best to identify serious wear.


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Interior , scrapes and scuff's can be easy to fix and cheap, so easy to ask for a lower price, but a 993 with 10 years on the clock will look worn, my old 993 the interior was a mess, but easily cleaned up to look new

Grounding damage is very normal, esp at the front, to sort out the painwork get Elite to work his wonders!

Transmission, get a sample of the gear box oil, to see how old the fluid is and check for metal particles


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a bit of wear on the g/knob can be fixed quite cheap, but make sure this is reflected in the purchase price.

dont talk to me about grounding damage, esp at the front..........if it is just plastic damage then can be fixed ok, if there are many stone chips at the front then this can be sorted at the same time.

my car has c50k miles and has some scrathes on the outer bolster of the d/seat, but its acceptable for the age.

ultimately only you can be judge of what you accept.

good luck and dont view a car hungover


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Thanks fr the feedback fella's.


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as they say it's better to have a untidy car in great mechanican condition then a clean car that has mechanical problems

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But remember that you are buying a car that is probably atleast 10 yrs old.

It has not sat in a ball of cotton wool for it's life.

The gear lever will be marked, unless the owner has changed gear using "the force".

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£20k and you can have mine..

1995/M - Black Met - Grey Leather(hardback seats) - F/S/H - 17" Classic II alloys - New Tyres - 5 owners

And I even have a NEW in the Box gear knob which I have not fitted as yet !

PM me if you would like further info.. :D

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What model 993 are you looking for in particular.I have a993 2s that i am thinking about selling

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