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993 Advice


New member
5 Apr 2003
Ok I'm sure it has been asked a thousand times (and yes, I have used the search facility :) ) - what do I look for in a 993.

Bit of background for you: budget will be around £30K, RHD, no fixed model, but I would prefer a coupe as opposed to a convertible. This will be my first Porsche (currently going through the usual Jap 4WD specials and I also moderate for a well known Scooby site :) ).

Reason for 993 - finances won't stretch to a 996 and I prefer the looks of the 993. The car will mostly likely be a '2nd car' i.e. mostly weekends and maybe the odd track day.

What I'm looking for is some recommendations for good indie dealers, good and bad points of the car. Questions to asks regarding what should have been done at the major services etc. All the usual stuff.

Any help / thoughts much appreciated.


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£30k should get you a good one. I dont really know what to look for in 993s, except recently there was a recall because of problems with wiring looms. Ask if this has been done. Keep checking the indepent dealer section on this page, and also the one on
(dont hurt me for saying that please!).
also have a good selection. When youn find one, GET A PPI DONE!

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... alternatively do a search for "993" on the main page of THIS SITE :wink:

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Thanks guys - more comments welcome.

Phil, I've spent a good few hours looking at this site - I am very impressed (I did do a search on 993 :) )

There are some lovely looking cars available. As much as I love the cars, I would be the first to admit that I'm no expert on them. I would be interested to hear from owners, past and present about their experiences.



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check that the calipers are okay - they rust and will need refurb or replacement in time. Whilst the engines are thought to be bullet proof, I'd recommend a compression test to be sure. If it's done little mileage over a long period, check that the oil has been changed regularly, irrespective of mileage interval. Should be every six months.

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Thanks all for your messages and emails :lol:


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A newbie here though pretty active over on Pistonheads, I'm also looking for something similar, having sold my TVR. Too many issues, too much depreciation...

I know I want a manual 993 C2, and there some lovely cars around for under £30k. Now, to find the right one should be fairly easy since there seem to be few inherent problems apart from the wiring loom (and maybve a clutch, since at this price most have done 60k miles already).

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