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993 2S - rear shocks


21 Jun 2003
As a few of you may remember I picked up a 1997 993 Carrera S (2) a few weeks ago which I am pleased with. I had Porsche Edinburgh PPI it for me and the things that were found were expected (except for rear spoiler curtain)....

The front stut mounts were split, driver side shock weaping and this caused a rattle/knocking at slow speed. I have just dropped the car at JZ this morning to have the above sorted out. The front shock has now exploded which I think was from hitting at high speed an un-signed road surface change without a ramp (Essex A127 Southbound just b4 Raleigh Weir). So they also need replacing and I'm told the front tyres which OPC said were OK (abt 10000mls left) have uneven wear so need replacing. I knew the front wheel/shock setup wasn't perfect so what has to done has to be done. (Geo/alignment etc..)

What the guys a JZ have also advised is that the rear shocks are "semi siezed - fairly common on 993's although not a big problem - won't be perfect handling etc." I have spoken to OPC Edinburgh who advise that they would have spotted this.

Now I'm not saying anything about who is right or wrong or missed stuff etc. That is not the point of this posting but does anyone know about, agree or disagree about this "common 993 rear shock problem."?

I am going to have to leave this "rear shock" stuff till later when I have a 12000 mile service in 2-3 months.

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The original shocks in 993 are known to be not particularly durable, they tend to deteriorate early on in the life of a 993. Some say they don't last more than 50k, check out Rennlist.com, they've talked about this subjuct quite a lot. If you're having the shocks changed you might as well change it to something that'll last. Rennlist people all tend to agree that Bilstein HD is a good replacement that you can use with standard springs. The expensive part is the labour and alignment etc, so you don't want to do it too many times! I'm having my shocks changed to Bilstein ones soon.

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Thanks Mick, had a quick chat with JZ about upgrading the shocks they also advise they have seen quite a few cars with standard springs and non-standard shocks and "been a disaster". They advise that they best way to go with the Bilsteins(others) is a complete kit wich includes the new springs.

At present I'm going with standard shocks on the front only.

I'm taking a look at Rennlist thanks - Will

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Hi Will,

i just bought a 993 c2s a few months ago and am thinkiing about spending a little dough on her at the moment...advice seems to suggest shocks are the first thing i shoudl be looking into to improve performance...how did you end up on the shock front? i am totally new to this game so sorry for all the questions!

but here they are...

do you really feel a difference with new shocks? how and on what type of roads..i live in london but do alot of weekend country road driving..

how much did it all cost?..thinking about front and rear but read your note about springs too..sounds all expensive...it is worth doing it all togther?

who is jz?

ever though about chips for improved power?

thanks a lot in advance for any tips!

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