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991 GTS or 991 GT3 Need Help Please


5 Mar 2019
Hi all,

May I please enlist the help of my fellow Porsche enthusiasts.

A pal of mine who is new to the margue is in the market for a 911.

He is understandably confused by the whole 911 numbering etc. which i have tried to help with.

He is currently looking at a 991 GTS for around the £85-90k mark.
I have advised that for a little bit more he could into a 991 GT3.

My rationale is that whilst the GTS is a bloody fine car, the GT3 is a special car.

More over, he is unlikely to take a bath on the GT3 in terms of long term depreciation,. But this is certainly not the case (IMHO) with the GTS.

May I therefore please canvas your thoughts and expert opinions to pass this thread onto my pal, who for the sake of the thread is called "Andy" :)

Thanks in advance
Just sharing my thoughts but not as an expert

My feeling is if it's a daily/ frequent use one , it has to be the GTS.
It holds value very well too.
GT3 is special but more of a track weapon. Definitely should have the warranty. I am unable to confirm but the engine warranty for early generation is for around 10 years ( something to confirm with OPC)
991.1 GT3 10 year warranties will be coming to their end now. 991.1 best with a replacement G series engine to be confident it won't eat itself
Thanks guys.

Yes the engine issues of the early 991's....was that all of the gen 1's potentially effected ?
As far as I know yes it's Gen 1
villaman said:
He is currently looking at a 991 GTS for around the £85-90k mark.
I have advised that for a little bit more he could into a 991 GT3.

c20% more surely :dont know:

For a first 911 the GT3 is a bit 'hard core' - depending upon what he's had before - so he'd really have try both before splashing that amount of cash.
Yes the GT3 for a first Porsche might a bit too much. I think this is a good point and something to consider.

Ive had a look today and for the 85k mark you can get into a 992...admittedly not a GTS but this might be an option
I would add a bit and buy the 991.1 GT3 at Bramley. If suspension too firm just get a DSC box. If still too firm after DSC nothing a set of TracTive Touring Line coilovers can not fix. You're not going to blow these up on road. Only at track in high rev range do they have sometimes have issues and you can extend warranty till they're 15 years old and 100k miles so I wouldn't be too fussed about the engine issues myself. They've had it ages so £100k cheeky bid seems fair value for it in this mad market.

I don't think we know enough about the intended usage to advise effectively

My standard line would be (coming from the 996/7 world though), is if he's planning to do a few trackdays per year then get a GT3. If not, GTS

Does he/will he want to do trackdays in this car?

Does he have a need for back seats?

How important is daily usability to him?

Does he want a noisy and raw car, or does he want something more refined?

Why is he 'currently looking at a 991 GTS" and not say a Carrera / S / Turbo / GT3 etc?

OP it sounds to me like you're the one that wants a GT3, not you're mate :grin:
All good points.

It will be a "weekend" car and not a daily.

It is unlikely that it will be used on the track and back seats are not a requirement as the rear seats are next to useless anyway.

The GT3 is a consideration as its a bloody good car (as is the GTS) but in my view depreciation HAS to be a factor and I am recommending be taken into account.

For me, its either a 992 or 991 GT3 with an = or > G series engine at the moment
What's 'Andy's" car history look like? Eg. Is he coming from a Lotus or an S Class Merc?

What were the last 5 cars he owned?

Does he want something similar or something completely different?
Why even debate it :eek: :hand: If he can afford a GT3, its a no brainer, its a weekend car, drama every drive and lack of depreciation are all that matter. Just get him to up the budget for a 991.2 :worship:
GT3 - as weekend car its the best drivers car

otherwise base carrera is enough for the road

Of course the turbo if you want the ultimate GT
GT-S all day long.

I've been so close to buying a GT 3 and looked at the 3.8 ltr gen 1 but just wasn't comfortable with the engine issues and it's not just track driven cars that can go pop, they're all prone to it and yes the G series engine supposedly cured the problem and most cars were recalled irrespective.

The GT-S doesn't have any of these issues, I had a gen 1 with the NA engine and it was fantastic to drive and I had a fairly base model with the std GT-S interior and no pan roof. Std seats are way more comfortable than the rubbish 18 way which I have on my turbo, people will pass on a car as it doesn't have 18 way seats and they're missing a comfy ride and a lower purchase price.

The only caveat here is the Gen 2 GT-S which has had Turbo issues.

Had a spin in a 992 GT-3 and that was incredible but you'll need 200k for one of those!

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