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991 GT2RS


Sao Paulo
13 Nov 2012
I just wondered if anyone here has a 991 GT2RS and if so how is it as a fairly regularly used road car?
Are they harsh on English B roads or fairly compliant???
I don't own one but I know a guy who might answer this question

Totally love these. They sound incredible, I saw one a couple of months ago and couldn't believe how loud it was, just maneuvering around the workshop. I was told it was a standard exhaust but found that hard to believe :?:

If that translated to a lot of interior noise then i suspect it might do my head in with regular usage (as would my GT3 which I think is probably as loud)

So yes I have driven approx 1000 miles in testing, mainly on A roads, but some B roads as well.

I've driven one on stock suspension and also one on Manthey suspension.

On stock suspension the car is compliant on both A and B, but certainly more on A roads. A roads in the UK it is perfectly fine to drive even when pushing on. It is quick ( 60-130mph in 6.5 seconds approx ) but we have cars a lot faster over that time increment.

On B roads I found that I was vary of the size of the car , and then the price of the parts if you hit anything which meant I never pushed on as much. Suspension was however okay but any car that has that level of performance is not really a B road push on car.

I also have driven on stock suspension with DSC ( replaces stock PASM module ) and that was even better. For me that was the perfect combination to allow the car to be driven on all roads.

With the manthey suspension the answer would be no - unless on smooth A roads, but ideally track, I personally thought it was far too harsh. Only on track did it come alive.

So stock plus DSC would be my choice.

(997) Very interested in how my 911 turbo compares compliance wise on a b road blast with new tractive :D

Identical 60-130mph on vpower :D

On MS109 :hand:


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I drove a 997 GT2 RS for half a day on various roads and found the car a bit of a beast (the boost made it spiky).
I found myself driving it hard in a straight line and just taking it easy on bends. I wasn't skilled enough or had deep enough pockets in case I crashed to start drifting it etc.
To make the damping really work you have to be driving very fast otherwise the car is very firm over rough b-roads

what I can say is that GT products make the steering of the non-GT cars feel like they have a thick layer of rubber between you and the road.

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