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991.2 Turbo springs/wheels advice


7 Aug 2016
Hi everyone. I'm looking to upgrade my wheels to some HRE R101LW's. Looking to go a size up and lower the car on TechArt springs. My vehicle has front axle lift. Does anyone know if the TechArt springs are compatible with FAL? I've been told they are but I'd like to know from someone who has them fitted.

Also regarding the wheels, has anyone gone with a staggered 20" front 21" rear wheel setup? I know the 992's have this now and was wondering if any 991 owners have done this.

Many thanks in advance!
Not sure re FAL and springs but on wheels better IMO to stay stock 20 sizes just buy a nice design that looks a little bigger. You can go to a 265 and 325 section tyre if you get 20s with at least 9 to 9.5 inch width up front and 12 inch on rears to run the larger tyre sizes which look ace and more GT2 RS like.

Ours stock ride height, stock tyre size but different wheel design. BBS F1 R. Springs make choppy ride at lower speeds say below 30mph but fine when up to speed.

You can not run staggered sizes 991 turbo for sure as it may damage awd system.


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My mate has techart springs on his and he rates them,
He is also running 21s all round with no issues.

As for running the 20/21 combo again that's no problem as long as you are keeping the rolling raidus correct :thumb:

I'm going to fit the h+r springs lowering 30mm, from what i have read they are very similar just better value :roll:
I have a set of 20s and 21s to fit but of course I've not tried them yet to see how different the ride quality is

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