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991.2 GT3 4.0


20 Jun 2009
Hi all

Am negotiating on a 991.2 GT3, it will be my first GT car if I can get it to work, it's a pdk, 7k miles, one owner, OPC supplied car. It will replace my .2 997 which has been fantastic.

I'm trying to get a decent bid on that from the dealer to make it an easy deal.

I could walk away and wait as there really is no rush but this car is a lovely colour and spec for me.

So any advice or comments are greatly appreciated; buying points, ownership etc. Also any wise words or thoughts on how the 992 GT3 may affect the market, which I realise is a hornets nest (having owned a 993 wide body and listening to the constant never ending valuation chats......) but comments on anything are welcomed!

The 991.2 is the beautiful pinnacle, the 992 is a dog (although a brilliant one) a bit like the 992 in general compared to the 991. You surely can't lose with the 991.2, it's just perfect. ! Good luck🤞
This thread could go so many ways. Re 991.2 GT3, yes great car. However if I had the readies and could choose either that or a 992 GT3, I'm afraid I'd go with the latter. Porsche just moved the game on to a whole new level with the newer car (in my view, obviously)

For me the sweet spot GT3 is the 997 series, and as such size wise I don't see a huge difference between the 991 and 992, styling / design of both of them is much of a muchness to me. You either love or hate the extra vents and scoops on the 992, personally I think they're great, give more of a motorsport form follows function vibe

That's me nit picking though, all GT3s rock, just buy one drive it and ignore the rest :thumb:
Great car; I sold mine as the 992 GT3 was released thinking, foolishly, that the prices would slump, and a replacement 992 GT3 would arrive with me earlier this year......... little did I know!!
The cars are very low at the front so front lift, IMHO is essential.
Nice to have carbon brakes and 918 seats.
I decided against a cage - just so we could throw extra bags in the back - just about manageable sliding the seats forward. I did try the folding seats before I spec'd the statics, but found the backs to be too upright.
Thanks for the comments guys, very helpful. I've done the deed today and will hopefully have it in a week or so. Its Miami Blue with a cage (didn't mind either way) and lifter.

I'll start a 'I've got a new car thread' when it arrives.
Presumably the one that was at Bournemouth OPC? Lovely looking motor :thumb:
Cameo said:
Presumably the one that was at Bournemouth OPC? Lovely looking motor :thumb:

Yep, I've always taken all my cars there, same guys there even 12 years later, they've even undertaken aftermarket stuff for me, was just taking mine for a service and saw it, I wasn't looking to change; they did an awesome deal. Haven't driven it yet which might be strange to some, but as a lifelong 911 fan I already know it'll be awesome. I've sat in it as I'm quite tall and it's very comfy. 1 owner, local car, the guys got a new 992 GT3. Next week will be very exciting.
Teffers said:
Hi mate :bye:

That you????? Hahaha.......French obsession......got to be......is it???
TheCock said:
Teffers said:
Hi mate :bye:

That you????? Hahaha.......French obsession......got to be......is it???

Yes it is.
I was winding Sanj up about this car this last night/this morning :D

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