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991.1 GTS/TTS - comparative ride quality Q


14 Sep 2011
A call to the collective wisdom.

I'm thinking about getting a winter/wet weather stablemate for my V12VS. I circle around this problem regularly. Right now the two winning candidates for the role are a 991.1 GTS or a 991.1 turbo S (yes, very different propositions, I know).

Ride quality is my current fixation. Previous Porsches include a 996 turbo and a 981 GT4. The former might as well not have had springs. The latter was in many ways a truly great car, but the ride quality wasn't optimsed for the south of England. That ended up becoming one of the reasons why no one else in the family wanted to travel in it (TBH it was great to drive and I can well see far from great to be a passenger in). By comparison the V12VS is positively supple, and enjoyed by everyone in the family.

So: can anyone shed light on how the GTS and TTS stack up against each other ride-wise, and even better, how they compare to any of the three cars mentioned above?

(This is by far from the only consideration in the melting pot: I generally don't like turbo'd engines and much prefer high revving NA engines; but I do really love a quick car; I am not that keen on a PDK gearbox; and my abiding experience of Porsches is that they are a bit soulless - they are like owning a really really excellent washing machine kind of thing. And yet here I am, once again contemplating two Porsches, both of which have "compromise" stamped all over them. Still, at least the 991 targa has been taken off the list. For now ...)
I had a 6 month relationship with a 991.1 Turbo S. It can be used as a daily and the ride quality is pretty good . PDCC being standard compliments it.
I have not owned a 991 GTS so cannot comment but I think it would be a firmer ride
911 Turbo S all day long, when new the Turbo S was more refined but 10 years + later, it's going to depend on the car you've found, find a car with PDCC
I have found the ride quality in the 991.2 turbo to be very impressive, no issues doing long trip or motorway cruising, it handles it all well.

Though I have come from a long line of lowered BMWs so I am probably used to riding on the bump stops!
I have had a 981GT4 and 991.1 and 991.2 TTS.

The first thing you will notice after the GT4 is that the turbo models feel very insulated- over bumps- a feeling of more rubber in the suspension. They are still firm cars as the performance is absolutely massive and the body is well tied down on B roads.
You will have no issue with a Turbo as your daily driver other than the self restraint as you cant hold full throttle for more than 2 seconds before you obliterate the speed limit.
I've not driven a 991 GTS but I have a 991.1 Turbo S, as others have said it's perfectly happy as a daily. The ride quality is excellent, it's perfectly happy running around town in rush hour traffic, but it's just as happy munching up continental miles.

It certainly ticks your box on the quick car front!

I've heard high praise for the GTS, however once I drove the TS there was nothing that would stand in my way of having one!
If not keen on a PDK, then you may have to discount the Turbo S. The manual on the GTS is reportedly very good.
Went to see a turbo S today.

Ride quality concerns were unfounded. It’s very well sorted - supple in normal mode and (as turbos tend to be) positively docile bordering on beguiling around town at low speed. Also pleasantly quiet in the cabin. Very different to the GT4/996TT in that respect.

The PDK box remains a bit too “video game” for me. But my time with the GT4 taught me that as fun as a manual box is, I mistime the shifts slightly far more often than I nail them. I prefer the engagement of a single clutch automated manual to a PDK, but truth be told either - for me - is a less frustrating experience than a full three pedal manual. That’s age and being out of practice, and not now doing enough miles to get back into practice for you.

Plus my wife is far more likely to drive a PDK than a manual. Though she may well kill me if I get another car, so there’s that to put into the balance.

I’m more or less now at the point where I’m thinking that the extra cost of the turbo S over the GTS makes it a bit of a no-brainer to go for the former. The difficult issue is whether I get another car at all.
I am in the process of buying a 991.1 Turbo to replace my 996 C4S cab; the test drive was amazing, as you say quiet and docile and then when you nail it everything changes and it flies. I thought the PDK was brilliant too, coming from a tiptronic s (I maintain that the tippy is a really good box in it's own right when paired with proper paddles like mine). The car is streets ahead of my 996 but the only thing that worries me is that I can wring the C4S out a bit and use all its power but I'm only going to be tickling the turbo along at road speeds; will it be as much fun overall?
In reference to the PDK a manual in a newer (991 onwards) turbo just wouldn't work, the car accelerates at such pace that you just couldn't get anywhere near the best out of it with a manual box.

I have always driven with paddles and I would say I am a confident driver, however over a year with my 991.2 Turbo and I still haven't managed to get the timing right with the paddles, everything comes at you with such speed and ferocity that you literally don't have time to take your eyes off the road and check what rpms you are at.

I've never had that issue with any other performance car I have had, but with the turbo I get the best out of it leaving the car to handle gears itself.
In reference to the PDK a manual in a newer (991 onwards) turbo just wouldn't work, the car accelerates at such pace that you just couldn't get anywhere near the best out of it with a manual box.

Totally my view too as a 991.1 Turbo S owner - it just works so so well with the PDK box.
Unless you have some sort of racing experience or you have an aftermarket wheel with shift LED's on the steering I honestly don't think you have much chance of consistently timing the gear changes right using the paddles manually.

The PDK is also widely regarded as on the best best dual clutch boxes available and it has never let me down or done anything questionable so I am happy to leave it to sort itself out!
congrats on getting the car....
Difficulties resolved.

Deposit paid!
Huge congrats, look forward to hearing much more about it and seeing pictures of it once you've collected.

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