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991.1 (.2 also) appreciation? your price predictions please


11 Jan 2021
I think I said in a previous post I would start a thread on 991 pricing and since suggested there is a price correction on the horizon :?: And acknowledge the 997/6 market has an influence in terms of the 'true future classic water cooled etc.'.

Fully appreciate the 'chipdemic' has fuelled the used car market etc. But for the 991 I'm thinking the market has some way to go before there's any hint of appreciation; the .1 NA has almost GT3 sound but the .2 is faster and sounds pretty damn good IMHO.

I've been a bit (biassed :)) focused on the C4S as a benchmark but I think the same goes for C2S/C2. And I would agree with those that might say the C2/S is a better investment who knows.

Towards the end of 2020 there were a host of cars at circa 50-65k and seemed to me to be selling fast. And as we approach 2022 asking prices are firm but I can't see any disappearing off the ads. Low mileage cars of up for close to the basic list price when new (so list price for a 991.1 C4S 2014 about 81k plus typical options gives close to 100k - current asking price 65-85k).

And then there's the 'specials' like this which seems to live in it's own carpeted living room with IR panel heating (what a beauty!) https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-de...=at_cars&aggregatedTrim=991 Carrera 4S&page=6

Fascinated to see the value of the 'specials' going forward but for that money I'd be straight into Turbo S territory with some fuel money :grin:

My prediction is a return to slow depreciation in late 2022 e.g. 55k price with 55k miles in late 2019 will be worth 50k with 65k miles in late 2022.

I'm interested to see what the experts think :thumbs:
I really would not like to predict prices. I have bought quite a few cars this year from Porsche Official and in my due-diligence found that top buyers for Porsche have not really got a clue on the front your raise.

I also do not think that the C2s or C4S are or ever will be investments.

I can only speak from my experience in purchasing a standard GTS and GTS Targa both 991 gen 1. So my thoughts are quite defined on them. I also am not stating that they are investments. But they will be for sure more sought after.

The chip shortage is just one segment of a perfect storm. Personally I do not believe it, I think things have changed fundamentally in the market. I think people are using their cash nowadays and getting what they would have been cautious about getting before. A newfound Joie de vivre!. And others being more appreciative of what they have. That is hard to value. The massive knock on effect on personal choices and those taken away and replaced and we could talk forever on it!.

I cannot see the market falling especially with the GT models and GTS and other more rarer types. Id be ambivalent about getting a 992 however as I feel that they have not started their depreciation yet and that is a marked horizon. But the Gen 1 991 models will I think start to harden and are already closing on the Gen 2 especially the GTS types. Primarily because they are the last of N/A engines. Which is why I thought buying one with the heart actually for once made sense with the head.

As for cars sitting on the market I cant say they are at all. I watch the official Porsche Dealer market closely and speaking with top buyers they have all told me that they cant get good stock. When they do its gone in moments before going through prep. I cant comment on other independents. But the ones I speak with also are in agreement with that statement. When I was looking for my Targa GTS every good one that came onto the market was gone before they went through official ad photos. I had to pay the premium but for that I had all the boxes ticked.

Sorry if my thoughts did not address all of yours but I think nobody really has a crystal ball on values. Only a hunch..
Thanks Jean Baptiste - great insight! I did see Big Jock's (now deleted?) reply saying ........ but he's right really to be fair :viking: - it's all crystal ball stuff as you say - I was just (trying to) stimulate a debate on the future of the 991 Carrera values.

When I say 'investment' I wasn't really talking appreciation but rather a very slow depreciation curve in the short term - that was my best scenario on my purchase. So I agree the GTS/exclusive versions are the better bet - but you pay the premium and so on. Like to think the last NA 991 will be a good longer term investment but I'll probably be 6' under by then :grin:.

Interested in what you say about OPC stock selling fast; I was reflecting on Autotrader ads which seem stuck compared to last year.

I think what I should have added in my post was whether the 992 is a marker in the sand when it comes to 991 Carrera values going forward, but maybe not much different between the 997/991 change :?: I still look at the 997 as the prettier car.

Anyway - I doubt this thread has legs :nooo:

This thread may not have legs but this 911 does!
As seen sprinting yesterday in its natural habitat, not a clue what value it carries. Just pleased to see the old Porker is still enjoying life whatever it's worth.

No idea how long or short term 991 values will perform over the next few years. So many variables could come into play worthy of a Luddite type response examining green policy legislators versus the demand to drive the last of the internal combustion engined sports cars, the availability of affordable (clean?) fuel and activities of climate crisis planet rebellion types! They certainly won't be making them like they used to i.e. 993/6/7 and 991 (992?) and whether it's a 2S, 4S, GTS or GT2/3 RS it will be revered as an old Porker with value to reflect.


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:D was this a Cornwall event? Interested if there's something similar this year :?:

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