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987 Cayman has gone. 986 project starts

The return of Marty Wild

Well-known member
4 Nov 2016
My 987 has gone.

Love this shot... one to close with.

I'm staying in the fold with a 986 project.


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Surely you'd be better off with a 996/997 project?? :dont know:
Sold the Cayman because I couldn't justify that much money sitting being used once a month.

Can justify an originator Boxster as nothing more than a toy though.
But you'll only go out in it yourself........unless one of the other 2 will go in the boot.
Yeah, high days and Trackdays :lol:
Should've kept your Cayman then. The 986 project will end up costing you more money and leaving you with an inferior toy.
Good Luck with the new project.

986 project base cars are great value for money at the moment. A 996 would cost an awful lot more.
Cheers Terry, having the 986 plan has massively taken the sting out of selling the Cayman. Had to reign in some of my mod items as the costs got silly very quickly indeed.

So pics and details of phase 1 to follow shortly. Could have got more of the mods in, but the tart in me wanted to freshen her up a touch :thumb:
Enjoy the journey Marty.

I think with some self spannering and savvy purchases you can have a great car for sensible outlay.

Have fun. :thumb:
I've done the same, bought a cheap 986 Boxster and I'm seriously thinking of selling the Turbo as I use it very rarely and even then only for 6 months of the year.

The boxster is costing me a fair whack as it was a bit neglected. Body repairs, exch gearbox, clutch, IMS, coffin arms, strut tops and a few things I will no doubt find as I'm going through everything. I reckon £2300 by the time I'm finished but it will be good for a fair few years.
Trouble is I've got used to the Turbo's power, the 986 feels positively pedestrian in comparison but does go round corners very well, plus I would take it on track.
Cheers Marky, I will try and do a few bits. Brake discs and pads for starters.

Mr Jets, I can't imagine what a 986 feels like after a Turbo, other than driving it off Beachy Head, not sure you'll ever come close to the acceleration :lol:
There's just nothing like the power of a Turbo on full boost, bloody addictive! Can't say I'd thought about Beachy Head though :hand:

Boxsters are such a bargain for what you get and round a track are just incredible, they just need a bit of a power boost at the bottom end as they can be a bit flat! Mine came with a H/Top which is a bonus.
I'm going straight in with a diet! Want Raggy do to the airbox/TB/Plenum trick for me. 300 horses and a lighter car and she's be quicker than my Cayman.

Beachy Head 0-120 sprint always an option :thumb:
And we're off...


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Alex said:
Should've kept your Cayman then. The 986 project will end up costing you more money and leaving you with an inferior toy.

Hmmmm... not sure I agree with this.

If you do your own work and get a hard top you're 99% of the way to a cayman at a fraction of the price. Leave the hard top alone and enjoy the wind in your locks for a better experience and lighter car.

I'd advise anyone to try a boxster for a couple of days before they decide if they are inferior to anything. In my opinion they are the sports car bargain of the decade, more than a match for the 911 equivalent too.

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