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981 Cayman ''13 Service History - What Next?


New member
19 May 2021
Hi, need a bit of help figuring out the history on a car I'm looking to buy.

Missed one service interval (seller claims was in storage for a year '19 to '20), service and sold by Cridfords in Oct '20 to bring it back up to date. History:

2013 plate. 08'
'08 2015 - 14000 miles, Intermediate. OPC
'08 2017 - 29000 miles, Major. OPC
'10 2020 - 40000 miles, Major. Cridfords

Cridfords did the works. Drivebelt, filters, spark plugs, brake fluid, pads and discs (front and rear), new battery.

Oil change at every service.

So, this year will be the 8 year service which is a major I believe, but with the work done by Cridfords in Oct '20 the next service shouldn't be due for 2 years in Oct'22?

Do I need to get it serviced this year? Any thoughts on the missed service (claimed storage)?

Have had a PPI and all clear on any mechanical issues, 4/5880 over revs in range 1 only so it's been driven lightly.

Any help appreciated!

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There's nothing in what you've written that would concern me or cause me to have the car serviced in 2021.

The early major in 2020 compensated for the missed minor in 2019.

It's frustrating that the 'minor-major-minor' schedule has been disrupted and that the 2015/17/19/21 doesn't look how it should but that's all.

Depending on how many miles you're planning to do in 2021 you might want to schedule a 'minor' for late 2021 to get that 4th stamp but unless you're doing 10k+ I wouldn't bother.
MOT history

Gov website will tell you.
just put in vehicle reg and it will tell you if it did any miles in that alleged laid up time period. May put your mind at rest.


The MOT history checker will tell you the mileage at each MOT.

Link ==> https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history

It doesn't matter much as you know it only did 11k between the two services.
Minor service due in Oct 2022 .... technically it would be a major but that's already covered on the previous service .. a little out of kilter but not an issue .

PPI was fine with no over revs .. all sounds good to me .
Thanks for the feedback. MOT history checks out.

- MOT every year up to Oct '18 @ 36k miles.
- No MOT Oct '19.
- MOT Oct '20 @ 40k miles (Cridfords)

Between Oct '18 and '20 the car put on 4k miles (roughly the av annual mileage the preceding years) so that would have been up to Oct'19 when the MOT expired. The next MOT being the following year in '20 validates being in storage for a year.

Appreciate all the feedback - many thanks.

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