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97 993 Carrera S oil leak

gary burnand

New member
26 Jun 2006
Help needed.?...am out of the country away from the car and get a call to say she's leaking oil all over the place

Was intending to use her this weekend for a big run..annoying! Had a great long run in her last weekend with some serious km/h

What are the most likely causes??

Will get back tomorrow to survey the damage

Any thoughts much appreciated

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This all depends on someone else's description of what "all over the place" really means.

If the oil has just been topped up it could just be over filling.

If really "all over the place" likely to be coming from a rubber oil pipe split or hose clip joint - probably somewhere near the oil tank.

First check how much oil is left in the tank prior to starting it up to see if it's being pumped out only when the engine is running.

In all events it is likely to be something simple and hence a cheap fix.

Good hunting!


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yep think it could just be over-filling as i was on a long run back....it was 1 in the morning and after i did think it was high.....at 3'o'clock with my foot down

i am getting used to higher oil usage vs the old 74 2.7!!

any idea where the oil overflows from.....although I'll get a pretty clear idea when I inspect the damage tomorrow i guess!!

thanks for your assurances esp that this shouldn't expensive!!

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Over filling will probably cause oil to leak from the area of the filler cap. It will then run down the oil tank, through the engined tin work and onto the offside exhaust box, causing a lot of smoke soon after start up.

It probably only overflowed when you stopped and the car was ticking over at idle. If so it will only repeat the leak when the oil is hot and at idle again. Therefore if over filling is the problem you may need to drain some out to elliminate further spillage.

Again, if there is a lot of oil on the ground, then the problem is more likely to be a split oil hose or hose clip joint.


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to echo what jo has said, until you know the where, then you can really say....

remember 2 oil filters, so it's 'normally' the one up underneath that can leak.....

a leaking oil filter is an easy fix, but anything else :?

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Common problem. After you leave your car sitting for a few days (4 or more) all the oil 10 quarts gets to flow back down to the oil sump area. All this oil looks for leaks in seals and lower valve covers. Happened to me this past winter where I could not drive my car at all. Get new valve cover gaskets or better still change gaskets and buy the new 993 billet covers and you will never see another drop of oil on your garage floor. My .02 cents

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